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3 months ago

They do not deliver the quantity spified, they do not respect the price specified on their website and erase your order from their database when the order is shipped. The delivery time is 2 monts and mor.
If you comlained, you have to supply all information they should keep in their database. It is a lot of pain in the ass.


5 months ago

Never purchase from this company. I ordered some face masks as I have to wear them 10 hours a day for work.
They have never arrived…….sent me a tracking number that doesn't even go past China – absolutely useless. Have now registered a complaint through Paypal to try & get my money back but not having any luck.
Just take your money & burn it – same result.


6 months ago

Paid them but no product after 4 weeks, I think they're a sleazy company to do business with. My order said was shipped out by fedex but that's been 4 weeks ago and no mask. I think they are crooks


6 months ago

I would like to place an order for my grandson, but there are so many ripoff on line, if I cannot talk to some one it would make a diff. I have noting good or ba duo say,. But without contact,! PS. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because you do not give enough info, in your contact


8 months ago

I was searching for coupons for my order because my usual coupon apps were not activating. Good thing! As I was searching the company name "SHOPYY" failed to come up in any searches. I finally resorted to the URL and saw that instead of the company name it came up as:
Very suspicious! So, I began searching for information on the website–checked "About Us" and found nothing! And then I tried "Contact Us" and again–nothing! Really makes me mad because I took the time to create an account. Goes to show we really must be careful.


11 months ago

I was ready to order Deformable LED Garage Lights, 80W LED Garage Ceiling Lights with 3 adjustable panels. Their offer came up on words with friends two for $19.99 each. I was ready to order 5 of them for under $100. Their advertisement looked like what I was looking for to brighten my garage and shop areas. I did a search of reviews on Facebook. Surprise, I saw 1 review that said their product arrived and was satisfied. All the other reviews said they either ones with a broken part or they never received their products. Since I have run into this before with 2 previous orders from other companies, I think I will skip this company's offer.

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