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11 months ago

Bad service in general. It is way too slow! I send postcards regularly to different countries around the globe and they get to destination in a month as a max. However, when someone sends a postcard to me it takes ages!! They get to Chile and just take three months to move from the capital city to my own town. I also do online shopping on international sites, I check my packages鈥?tracking information everyday and it is always the same: they take one week approximately to arrive in Chile, then they get stuck in customs for months. Many packages have got lost on their way inside the country, but my worst experience is the following: once I bought a book on an international site, they sent it, it arrived in Chile, went through customs, was released and was finally getting to my town when… the Correos de Chile truck that was carrying it was robbed. I contacted them to see how they could help me and they told me to contact the shop where I bought the book because it was their responsibility. Like, seriously?????? I don鈥檛 trust them anymore.


1 year ago

The worst service, slow if you are lucky…normally they steal. Always bad experiences. NO MORE SHIPPING TO CHILE!!!


2 years ago

The purpose of this complaint is to point out the absolute irresponsability and inefficiency of Correos de Chile, state chilean company, which is reflected in the large number of complaints because of losses, stolen goods and delays in delivery and others.

As an example in a country of only 17.000.000 inhabitants there are at least 15 complaints per day in only one of the non official web page; www. In 2015 one of the the official complaints office receive at least as 2000 complaints.

As a way of not leaving other types of complaints the site had to create a special section for the complaints of Correos de Chile. Of course the complaints are useless because the reply is almost always the same, as you can check it in the above web page: 鈥淲e are working in your problem 鈥︹€?but they never do nothing to improve it (they only reply to show a positive image and concern).

Correos de Chile is a state company and the Official Post Office of Chile. The main reason that the state participates in the postal and parcel market is the supposed social benefits that a company of this type would have, Correos de Chile, when compared with private companies that would only seek to increase their profits. The possible social benefits would be the lower prices, the greater geographical coverage and the opportunity in the delivery.

Unfortunately and thanks to the poor management, lack of preparation, lack of professionalism and commitment to the mission, of its directors, managers and employees, at the present the company does not justify its existence at all. Much of the problem is that the "selection" of all the staff of these estates is done by "cronyism" or political criteria, friendship and family members.

Some data about efficiency:

National Posts offices are grouped in the Universal Postal Union that brings together institutions from 172 countries. Chile occupies only place 72 (but this is not a reliable data).

As all the post offices at early stage Correos de Chile work with the delivery of mails and documents and the results were so poor that people start using other Chilean post companies like Chilexpress and Starken. As a result today the first one has 500 offices distributed and the second 200 offices in the country where Correos de Chile has only 170.

Because the poor in mail results Correos de Chile starts working, as a local company with parcel services, exploiting the online retail commerce but with disastrous results. Unfortunately our country has a low level of per capita incomes so they can麓t pay for the postal services UPS or Fedex and they must opt for the economical alternatives that end in Correos de Chile; except AMAZON that work with good results, with other local private company.

I must underline that some the traded goods are pharmacy products or machinery spare parts so the delays and losses cause a serious damage to their owners.

In relation to coverage, the situation is worse, since in order to reduce costs and increase salaries , the company has been gradually reducing the county offices of regions, concentrating them in more profitable communes; In other words, the same thing that private companies do, although in general the latter do it much better.

A good advice: Don麓t use the local services of this postal office.

Jorge Serani M.

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