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7 months ago

On 3/11, I ordered a couple of canopies on this site. I started smelling something fishy when they would not provide me a tracking number for the item. About two weeks later, I was provided with a tracking number, and found out that the items were getting shipped from China. No issues there as I am aware of drop shippers using China to source product. But couple of months later, I still hadn't receive the items, and the tracking number still showed the item had not even left China yet. When I tried to reach out to the customer support, they claimed that all shipping was on hold due to the COVID situation. Total horseshit as I had ordered numerous more items after that from alibaba which is in China and received them in a week or less.
Long story short, in June (That is a good 3 months later), I finally received a pair of ray-ban glasses in the mail. At first I was confused as I could not remember ordering any glasses. Then it suddently hit me, and I checked the tracking number for my canopies and found the status as "delivered". I have been trying to reach out to customer service to request a refund to no avail. They will not confirm where I need to send the return. They are not accepting to do a refund. I occassionally get a response from them about every 5 days or more, but they are not even acknowledging my mails about getting the item returned and getting their refund. AVOID BUYING FROM THIS SITE AT ALL COSTS.


10 months ago

On 3/3/2020 I ordered a TENT from this online website. After a couple of weeks of my order showing "processing" status I tried to contact them on the phone # provided on their website. No one answers nor is there a voice mail. I sent them numerous emails requesting a legit customer service phone # with no response. They finally emailed me a tracking number for my order which was in Chinese. A month, and me sending many emails later, I received a pair of knock-off Ray Ban sunglasses. Not the tent that I ordered! So again, I have sent numerous emails to try to get my money refunded and no response from them.


11 months ago

I made a purchase but needed a width dimension that wasn't listed. After doing a Google search of the item to find the dimension I found the item retails for hundreds of dollars more than I paid which was my first red flag. I then researched the company to find very little info. I then tried to call the phone number listed on the site that did not work. I researched the number to find dozens of reports of it being a frequently used scam number. I then emailed to the address listed on the site with no response. I then emailed to the address listed on my PayPal account as the merchant email with no response. No purchase or shipping confirmation emails have been received. I now have an open case with PayPal to resolve.

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