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7 months ago

DON'T order anything there – scam!
Ordered the product in March 2020. Received the DPD tracking number the next day already, but since there was no progress in status. Tried to contact their customer service via 7 email addresses and all available phone numbers.
Than had to open the case on PayPal. The next day I open it, they responded that it's all DPD, that they dispatched the order but DPD is delaying the delivery due to CoVid.
Long story short – it turns out, my product has never been dispatched! Got my refund via PayPal.
No need need to say never ever!


7 months ago

This company is definitely a mystery because their collagen is good and I have seen excellent results from it. However, to call the customer service bad is being kind! There isn't any. They can't be reached on the phone, they do not answer emails and worst of all, they do not advise you if their products are not in stock. I had two different items on order which were paid for but over three weeks later, they had not arrived. With no communication forthcoming, I was forced to open a dispute with paypal and only then did I get the, by now, requested refunds! Such a shame because I would have been a regular customer if they had any Customer Service!


10 months ago

I first ordered from CORREXIKO-UK in 2019. six months later in January 2020, I placed another order and to my regret, not only was I ignored for a long time, I was charged 拢3.95 for an order almost twice the trade description 鈥淔REE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $150 / 拢100鈥? I had to call the American number, as the UK number was never answered (I asked two people to call and both of them told me their calls were not answered) before I received my order by an ordinary Post Office delivery, although the 'Team Leader' promised to send it by courier service. He also promised to refund the 拢3.95 to my Mastercard but he has, so far, not done so: his email apology was not impressive.

The delivery charge may be a small amount but, on point of principle, not only does this amount have to be refunded to uphold the trade description, a reputable company would have compensated me for this shabby treatment.


1 year ago

Seems like an amazing product. However, their customer service is not just bad, it's nonexistent. It's been almost a month since I orded and paid for the item and since then no correspondence or delivery (they claim 6-8 working days delivery).
Trying to get a refund now.


1 year ago

Same experience as everyone, my order has never been sent, no one answered to my mails ( it's been one month now), I'm trying to get a refund through PayPal. My worst experience buying on internet


1 year ago

I give one star. I ordered a product on the 28/10/19 and have still not received it. I have sent numerous e mails to ask about it with no response. The customer phone number doesn鈥檛 answer at all . Never seen such Unacceptable customer service.


1 year ago

I give two stars just because their product is great… All the rest is simply terrible.

My first time purchase was their Close Up collagen booster in a London retail shop and I liked it so much that I decided to order a second batch directly from their website, through express delivery (1-2 days delivery).

After one week, I did not receive anything from them, nor got any information about it. After that, through a whole week, no answer at all to my emails, messages on their website widget, nor to my calls (their UK number is unreachable and on their US line I was poorly assisted by a cringeworthy receptionist with an irritating nasal voice tone and terrible attitude, who claimed there was no way to transfer my calls and that I should email them to an address that simply bounced back my messages when I tried to contact them for the 5th time).

It is definitely puzzling that a company with such good products and apparently good marketing (they are constantly boasting on their website about their Instagram account and its influencers promoting their brand) has no customer service at all and simply does not give a damn about a proper service and resolution.

Luckily I have made my purchase through Paypal and I have already escalated my case in order to get a refund.


2 years ago

Ordered their marine collage. The product is great – no complaints there. But I ordered 6 bags and only received 5. Numerous e-mails and calls to the company have been unfruitful (bounced e-mails, no answer…) and they appear to have no customer service team to speak of. Disappointing given the quality of the product.

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