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11 months ago

SCAM company.
CORSAIR (french company) has a very bad reputation and a very bad customer service.
They work with ORTBITZ (agency).
If you want to postpone a flight (or cancel) due to the corona virus, they said you need to contact ORBITZ. And when you contact ORBITZ, they say you need to contact the CORSAIR company.
$1500 lost. Need to call my credit card company now.
I lost 5 days to try to reach their customers services.


1 year ago

It was a terrible experience are flight was delayed,then we were sitting in the plane for 4 hours because of technical problems and we were told that the flight was cancelled. They told us to come back the next day the only thing good was they put us in hotel in Miami,the next morning we go back to the airport there was nobody there trying to call their main office In Paris was difficult because of the time difference we had to find ourselves another airline which was British airline to honor our tickets I don't know how we did that plus had to pay 335$ for our bags that were not over the limit weight we missed one day from our vacation 1 day of our car rental and 1 day of hotel .We were the passengers left on our own and we got lucky to leave the following day some had to wait 2 more days.I will never ever fly this airline again prefer to pay more but be safe and on time this was in Sept 2019

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