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1 year ago

In 2018 I had a PC custom built and 16gb of memory was purchased from Corsair and installed. Recently I decided to upgrade the memory by a further 16gb to 32gb using all the slots on my motherboard.
I went onto Amazon and the identical memory was still available (expensive) so I ordered it.
It refused to work with my PC – speaking with Corsair Support it transpires that even though they sell Memory with the same part number, it is apparently industry normal that memory is not guaranteed to be compatible with other memory with the same part number purchased at a previous date.
Quite frankly if this is an industry norm, how can they be allowed to do this, particularly when memory is expensive. Using their response instead of buying a working 16gb additional memory, I was expected to infact buy a complete batch of 32gb and discard the existing memory – this is not good at all.
Fortunately with help from others, I managed to find a solution whereby we managed to adjust a lot of settings in the PC and got the memory working eventually after hours of tinkering – this really should not have been necessary though

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