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2 months ago

Already ordered 3 custom corset dresses from this site, and planning to order the 4th. All their products were pristine quality, perfectily fitting as per the provided measurements. Customer support is amazing, they respond in a timely manner, and are very helpful. Had problem with the sizing only once, they fixed it quickly. Can just recommend this company, it's a pleasure to do business with them. Also look out for their deals!


3 years ago

Avoid CorsetDeal like the plague.

I ordered a corset dress on 15 October. The website claimed a 3 – 5 day shipping time. By 30 October (after much chasing), they finally admitted it had gone missing and refunded. I had ordered the dress for a party on 2 November. I asked today (1 November) that were I to order the item with a next day delivery, would they waive the delivery. They said no (or more precisely "WE can't make change on the shipping charge, whatever the website charge you that is the cost.")

Whilst * in customer care tried to be helpful, * was absolutely unhelpful. I shall be recommending to everyone to avoid They are utterly unprofessional, and at least half the staff (as the customer facing end of the company seems to consist of two people – *) have absolutely no clue about customer care.

*Personal information redacted by admin

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