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7 months ago

the price/quality relationship of Pedro del hierro Men鈥檚 clothing is pitiful. I鈥檝e only purchased in their summer and winter sales But even at those prices I don鈥檛 like the quality. If I paid full price I would be in shock. After washing the shirts five times they look really old while other premium brands at similar prices can be washed 20 times. Anyway I will never purchase their products again.


8 months ago

Denmark May 2020.

Received a pair of shoes which were broken. Wrote them, haven鈥檛 heart anything and the customer service is the worst I鈥檝e ever experienced. I鈥檓 having a hard time putting in to words how bad of an experience it has been. Long delivery, faulty items, arrogant customer service. Seems like a scam to me.

Complete armatures. Do not buy stuff here!
Would have given 0 stars if possible.


8 months ago

Bought a blouse from Pedro Del Hierro.
It is faulty – the seams are so uneven that I look like I am standing at a diagonal angle with it on (ridicilous, in other words).

E-mailed them with pictures and demanded a prepaid postlabel so I can send them back for free and get a refund.

It has been 31 days, 12 phone calls, 13 e-mails and still nothing. I have taken legal action and am just counting down the days until my European Commission consumer complaint case turns into an actual court case. Looking forward to it, Pedro del Hierro team!


1 year ago

Paid delivery for the worst service I鈥檝e ever experienced: delivery was late, tracking is impossible, no return to emails and returning is a nightmare. I would give it a zero if it would be possible.


1 year ago

The clothes are nice but the customer service is quite unhelpful. The delivery took kver a week and was shipped out after a handful of emails. Very poor tracking system. Apparently it is normal for your order to be showing as being prepared until you have the goods and at some point a few days after you have the goods you get another email that the order has been shipped. On top of that the return terms for Europe are shocking.


1 year ago

Unfortunately I can't give 0.
I had to give back some clothes that didn't fit (at my expense, btw) but they can't seem to find the package and won't issue a refund – apparently giving a phone call to their warehouse is too much effort.
Customer service is terrible and unprofessional, answering only with copy-paste messages.
Also the contact telephone number is a fake, it automatically hangs up after a few rings.
I'm seriously considering legal action at this point.
Please do yourself a favor and don't buy from this company.


1 year ago

Aftersales Customer Service is terrible !
I bought a blouse last year with a fault on it and it took weeks with several emails to Pedro Del Hierro which is part of Cortefiel to get the return form processed and then I was given several times for pick up all of which fell through. After about two months I finally got it sorted. I decided to give them a second chance this year and now am going through the exact same delays and problems again – delays in the refund process, item not picked up at the given time. It is almost a month now trying to refund something


2 years ago

Literally the worst customer experience I've had by a mile. Utterly abysmal. Genuinely considering legal action for all my wasted time dealing with this atrocious company.

Ordered a trousers back in the first week of October. Received it (quite a while later I might add!) and it came in the wrong size and colour. Thought it was going to be a simple mistake which they could rectify. I provided picture evidence to support this and didn't hear from them for quite some time. I wrote again, and asked why it was taking so long and querying when I'd received the right pair, but I kept receiving a vague, uninformative responses such as the below, telling me:

''Dear customer
Thank you for getting in touch with us.
We have sent your request to the relevant department, as soon as we find a resolution we will be contacting you.
If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.''

Any time I'd ask them something or query how my case was being handled, this was the response I was sent. Utterly useless support. Therefore I took to phoning them instead, only to discover that their aim is to redirect you back to emails which they don't provide any information in. Eventually, two months later where I sent them up to 25 emails and phoned their customer support 5 times, they wasted my time further saying they'd send a courier to my office to pick up the trousers. He never arrived – despite me spending the day at the location waiting. This happened a second time again. No apology, no information from them.

I am still (over two months later) trying to get them to organise a pick-up of these trousers and trying to get my money back.

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Never deal with this company. They do not care a damn about you as a customer.


2 years ago

I was disappointed to find out that you cannot give zero stars. My experience with the customer service of Pedro del Hierro, the top line of Cortefiel, is so awful that my friends have difficulties believing me.

In July I bought a few shirts, one of which was supposed to be pink. Instead of this I received a lilac shirt which few people I know would care to wear.

I informed the seller of the mistake who answered that their reference said lilac so there was no mistake on their side. I sent pictures which showed a pink shirt, a confirmation of purchase and an invoice which again mentioned a pink shirt, but to no avail. I repeated my emails but the seller would either give a completely nonsensical answer or repeat that the reference was lilac. I tried to change the wording in my subsequent mails but the answer was always the same. It is obvious that there is a confusion at the seller's so that the pink shirt on the web site corresponds to the horrible lilac shirt at the seller's. After 11 tentatives to make the seller realise the error, I sent a letter of complaint: there was no answer. I thereafter called them by phone and was promised a call back within 48 hours which I did not receive of course.

The conclusion is clear: for heaven鈥榮 sake don鈥檛 buy anything from Pedro del Hierro by mail.

I posted the above text yesterday at 15.20; at 18.05, Cortefiel called me (my wife answered in my absence). This is truly amazing: it took 2 h 45 for Cortefiel to react after they had been hung out on the Trustpilot site, whereas, for almost one month, they refused to read my numerous messages and treated me as a quarrelsome halfwit. It is reassuring to realise the power of Trustpilot.


2 years ago

These days it's very rare to come across a company with such appalling and primitive customer service. I bought a 130 EUR summer jacket which I have been able to use for 1 day before two of the push buttons fell off.

I wrote to Cortefiel with photos and documentation – and I have been waiting and reminding them on the matter for 2 months, but nothing happens until today when they ask me to visit one of their stores in Portugal where I purchased the jacket.

Unfortunately I don't live in Portugal and therefore I can't have the jacket exchanged. I will never purchase anything from Cortefiel again.

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