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3 years ago

Rode my motorcycle there. It is a small, small salad bar with just the basics. There are also 4 types of pizzas: pepperoni, hamburger, cheese and vegetarian. The vegetarian pizza is the best I've ever had. It was scrumptious! Also had pasta shells with cheese and tomato sauce. There was also homemade lasagna. There were two deserts: rice pudding and baklava. I ate so much, it was difficult to get on the bike! The wait staff is very pleasant and replaced my sweet tea as fast as I could drink it. The decor is beautiful. Very Italianate. If you're expecting a 90 item, all you can eat food bar, this place is not for you. This was my first visit and I will go back and take friends. Oh, my bill was $12 for all I could eat and unlimited sweet tea! Pizza buffet hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. everyday.

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