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5 years ago

Back in May I had signed a contract with countryside roofing to replace the roof on my house along with some other necessary repairs. Five months later,with no contact since May, and 3 days before the job was to begin, I received a letter saying "after reviewing my job they cannot perform the work" because they do not have the equipment and capability to run the metal.That was a downright lie. I personally have seen some of the metal roofs that they have installed and that is why I signed a contract with them. Along with a refund of my original deposit. They added 6% for the interest lost. All I have gained from this was a few dollars and a deteriorating roof that now may not be able to be replaced until the spring, How can a company work like this and not know that they can't perform the work but still present a valid contract. They supplied samples of the metal roofing that was to be used. In a letter ( not a phone call) the owner blamed the sales consultant for the company, who is no longer working there. I think this letter was a lie just because they didn't want to do this job because something better came along. If your in the market to replace your roof I would be very careful about using this company with business practices like this.

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