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1 month ago

I've ordered from Country Store multiple times, over about 5 years. Honestly, I've had no problems. Stuff came mostly on time and as ordered. Majority of my orders have been for clothing (tops, sweatshirts, casual clothing) and they have all been fine. I haven't had to contact them, so can't attest to customer service. I know they use multiple vendors, so maybe I've just been lucky. I have recommended them to friends and no one has reported any difficulties to me.


2 months ago

Three pair of leggings were ordered from Country Store. My "new" merchandise was mailed to me from Littleton "Return" Center. And the 3 pair of leggings were clearly used: one pair had blood stains and the other two pair were worn (and not just tried on). Ninety dollars later and their Customer Service rep and Supervisor won't come to the phone.


3 months ago

Very disreputable. Claims of satisfaction guaranteed and easy returns that are False.
Ordered in early October (they said size true to size) and definitely was Not and now November 8th and they say they can't find the return and won't refund my money.
Do Not order from this company!


3 months ago

I purchased a pair of pajama bottoms that cost $35.75, which included $7.99 shipping. Their shipping is slower than molasses. The pajamas were too big, so I returned them using their label, which cost $8.00. It took 13 days for them to receive the return, and another 8 days to issue a refund. They refunded $18.14. You do the math and decide whether you want to shop there.


4 months ago

I could write a book! First of all, in general their products are below standard. 2nd of all, I went around and around with their Customer Service Dept last week regarding the fact that they sent me the wrong shirt and then wanted me to pay for shipping to send it back. After. 2 separate calls totaling approx 1 1/2 hours, they finally waived the shipping Also, they refuse to transfer you to a supervisor!
Today I called to inquire when my refund would be processed, as I could tell by tracking the pkg that they had received it. So she confirmed that I would be receiving my refund in 48-72 hours! Ridiculous to have to wait that long! Meanwhile, while she had me on hold, the agent managed to place a duplicate order for that same shirt and took another $29 out of my checking account while I was on the phone with her! So now I have to wait ANOTHER 42-72 hours for that amount to be put back on my account, even though putting in an order today was entirely her fault! Then later this evening I noticed they had sent me an email confirming the erroneous order, so I had to call back AGAIN. The 2nd time today. Each call taking approximately 30-40 minutes. They put you on hold a lot! This company should not even be in business! I'm never ordering from them again and removing myself from their catalog mailing list and also their email mailing list.


5 months ago

Ordered some Seat Covers for my new Dining set during virus in May, 2021. They were on backorder for about two months. During that time the price went from $60.41 to $78.90. When Seat cushions finally arrived and I realized they would not fit my chairs the return process then took six weeks to receive my refund. Small company? Not sure.


5 months ago

I Ordered a pair of Pink shorts. 1St pair had a big hole in the butt and they replaced them no problem, I didn't have to return them, they sent me another pair with a green line in them, I called country store to get my money back, just plan sick of getting shorts with stuff wrong with them, I was told this time I had send them back and pay for the shipping, It's not my fault there product is garbage.


6 months ago

I keep getting a $14.95 charge monthly on my credit card and could not reach the business to find out what it was about. They only pick up the phone for orders. I haven't ordered anything for months.


6 months ago

Sent order back and never got credit. One hundred words your staff isntmuch help
Have you ecer tried calling your self?


9 months ago

I ordered two outfits for my Mom early for mothers day and the package is still floating around in limbo with no tracking info after a few days after I placed order. I cannot get in touch with anyone. Been on hold 3 separate times for up to 40 mins. When I called to pretend I was placing an order, I got right through. Wow. But of course they couldn't help me. I am on hold now as I write this. Run from these useless, cheapo, yet overpriced catalog stores. BAD BAD business.


1 year ago

When you get a catalog order, they usually have a "return shipment label" that, if you use it, they deduct $7.50 from your return. Take it from experience, don't use it if its from The Country Store or a lesser known provider. The tracking number on the preprinted label is not a true tracker. I returned to The Country Store 3 weeks ago for $67.00 and phone calls to them claim they have not received it. The tracking number on the preprinted label shows they received it 2 days after I mailed it…..not possible. Worth your time to go to the USPS and do it yourself.


3 years ago

I have ordered from this company a number of times because a family member likes their clothing and decorative items. The quality of the merchandise is ok but a bit over-priced. What is frustrating is the lack of customer service. Shipping is slow and they do not communicate information well. I ordered an item recently as a gift. When I ordered, there was no indication that the item was not in stock. When it did not arrive, I checked my account and saw it was back-ordered. It has been a month since I ordered and I have received no communications or answers to e-mails to customer service. I will try to call but that has not been convenient to me. I will avoid Country Store in the future if possible.

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