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5 months ago

Widnes countrywide estate agents if I coukd give minus 1000 I would.


9 months ago

I鈥檝e lived in my rented accommodation for 3 years. They insist on doing 3 monthly visits yet the back door to the property has been insecure for nearly a whole week as the door handle has came out of the upvc door and they still haven鈥檛 bothered to fix it. I鈥檓 constantly fobbed off about the corona virus lockdown yet the locksmith in the high street can get the parts and fix it within 24 hours. It鈥檚 a joke! Customer service is shocking as the person at HO had me in tears the other day saying that I was a liar. His exact words were he didn鈥檛 believe me when I quoted something the builder has told me.


3 years ago

linda wright………recently bought a bungalow from palmer snell castle lane west bournemouth their manager adam other staff members rhys mendham and nathana young trainee whose not to blame for the disgusting treatment i recived from this branch.. from the word go it was fine asked toview the property arranged and viewed all good. went for 2nd viewing and bless the trainee he new nothing about the property.. i placed my first offer in and got a reply back the next day saying it'd been turned down. put in 2nd higher offer, and no reply, had to contiually ring to get an answer of acceptance or not. eventually 10 days later got reply they'd refused offer so went in higher and it got accepted great.. all legalities going through and i wanted to check before exchange of contracts about how the gas boiler worked and where stop cock meters etc were. the manager adam was very reluctant for me to go and check these things and said the owners were either working late or away the weekend i wanted to view, i kept on and eventually managed to go round with my partner to check few things namely the gas boiler, i expected the owners to be there to obvioulsy show us how it worked, there werent in the house but sat in their campervan on the drive un beknown to me.. the heating had obviouls just been put on to prove it worked, they'd left out the baxi boiler instructions but now the recently don service which said it should'nt be operated as was deemed unsafe and would cause a danger to lLIFE and PROPERT! we since found the paperwork hidden in a draw.. so we were misled greatly and was unaware of any problem untill completion and moved in and they moved out. we were outside waiting to get our belongings inside which should've been midday, the owner refused to hand me the keys and instead put them through the letter box and i had to go to the estate agents to get the keys, to which adam the manager refused to give me, even though my solicitor had said monies had transfered and to go and get the keys. they have to be the most unhelpful estate agents ive ever come across and they also had no details of the property to give me and i had to go to another branch to get the details of a property i was buying off them !! joke. i am going to the head office about this and the previous occupants owners will be sued to removing a sticker from the boiler stating its at risk to use and its an offence to not disclose the service report to me when i first asked to check the boiler. british gas have been notified of the offence and they will assist me in the legal matter…PEOPLE PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS PARTICULAR ESTATE AGENT APPAULIING. WHEN I did go to collect the keys i was told to leave the office!!

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