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3 years ago

Strange company with questionable practices. After having a bad experience and cancelling their service, many months later, I got a $299 charge from them (apparently they kept my credit card number). After contacting Nodar, he apologized saying there was some kind of mistake, promised to refund immediately. A month has passed and no refund.

This is not bad customer service, this is straight up fraud!

Update: They have finally sent a refund via PayPal


3 years ago

When I meet new prospects I just say: "Do you want to check out my app?" and they become my clients. As an accountant working mostly with millennials I realized I need to be available to my clients at any time from any device. CountUp provided me with all the tools I needed to automate admin tasks like billing, client on-boarding, and marketing while delivering stellar online experiences to my clients.


3 years ago

I couldn't believe how easy it was to add online payments, client portal and reviews to my existing website. My clients can sign up and manage their entire engagement through my branded portal at any time from any device.


3 years ago

My clients love me for making our engagement process as frictionless as possible for them. My own time, answering repetitive questions or sending the same documents over and over again, has been eliminated because my clients can get all the answers and data they need within their own account.

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