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Website & Phone: 1704 W Newport Pike Ste 3020 Wilmington 19804 United States

2 years ago

Called them for a service quote, they were extremely helpful and insightful into what my problem was with my appliance. I would use them again in the future!


2 years ago

Great service! Had another company out who refused to repair our washer unless we did more repairs for nearly the price of a new washer when all it needed was a new valve. Isaac took the time to talk on the phone and suggested that this is a relatively simple repair and it would be cost effective for us to try to install the valve ourselves-no need to spend extra money needlessly- but would come out if we really wanted him too. Isaac sent us the part number we needed and a link to a video on installation and we were able to order the part and make the repair ourselves for about $60. We really appreciate that County Appliance didn't try to rake us over the coals and instead were helpful and courteous and helped us get our washer working again. Would definitely recommend them.


6 years ago

I'm a small business owner and have been using a well known franchise for my repairs. I decided to check out the reviews on yelp, and because of the reviews, decided to go with them-and I'm so glad that I did! From my initial phone call to the actual repair, I received incredible service. Honest, straight forward, knowledgeable, and professional. Customer service in so many industries is so sub par, that when I come across a company like this, I feel compelled to share my experience. Thank you, Isaac, I'll highly recommend County Appliance, and you'll be sure to here from me in the future!


6 years ago

True professionals. Took care of my issue the next day. Arrived in the time frame agreed upon. Took time to thoroughly address my issue.


7 years ago

I had an old and hard to identify oven that just wasn't heating. From the receptionist to the repair man, everyone was incredibly professional and lovely. They were honest and straightforward about every aspect of the repair. The technician arrived on time, with a courtesy call ten minutes before his arrival. He even gave us tips on how to care for our stove even if that meant we might not need to call them as often to service it. I was beyond impressed and I certainly recommend this company!


8 years ago

I called this place and asked for an estimate on a washer repair. It was the 2nd place i called. The first place was so rude i just basically hung up on the guy. It was explained to me it's hard to give an estimate but the woman called me back anyway after talking to a technician and gave me an idea of what it would cost if i had diagnosed the problem correctly. She was able to get someone out that same day and my washer was fixed for 79.95. The guy that came was pleasant and explained everything he did and how to keep my washer from wearing down. He also answered many questions about my non working ice maker and gave me general ideas of how much that would cost to fix. In addiion tried to help me find the water line to fridge to turn off in my basement before he left. I would recommend this place to anyone. they are a small business. Isaac was the one that helped me. i believe he was here before years ago and gave the same great service! i won't use anyone else again.

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