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1 year ago

They have websites setup with testimonials and pictures of kittens. They even email you videos of kittens and answer questions but they are offering British shorthair kittens for a relatively cheap price like $350 with zero delivery fees because they have delivery coupons or something, claiming they only want their kittens to have good homes. They claim they need your information and money for 鈥渢ransferring ownership papers, getting accessories and food for kittens鈥? They immediately ask for money once you have given them you personal info and they insist they need the money wired via Moneygram or WesternUnion. Since I鈥檝e been scammed before, I found this suspicious as I told them I would wire the money via my bank and just needed their account info. They didn鈥檛 provide their info even though I provided my home address and other details at that point and they insisted that they needed the money via Moneygram and WesternUnion because they were 鈥渁ffiliated鈥?with them. Have never heard something so ridiculous before so then alarms started going off in my head. At that point I asked for a live videoconference so that I could have more confidence and they disappeared after that. They made zero contact after that point even though they had been messaging me the whole day.

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