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9 years ago

Many people are at a loss when they come across the term clerk of courts or court clerk which is so called in USA and UK respectively. To answer the question a clerk of the courts is an officer of the court of law whose responsibilities are huge. Their tasks include mainly keeping records of court proceedings. In simply words you can call them court scribes. They have another duty which is to administer the oaths of the accused, witnesses and jurors. Tradition says that a clerk of courts was also the main custodian of the seal of the court. This seal is used for authentication of the copies of the courts orders. In spite of all this the main duty of clerks of court is to maintain records of the courts proceedings.

The court clerk in some jurisdictions is responsible for reading the jury鈥檚 verdict in a case. In some states civil weddings are officiated by court clerks. The numbers of court clerks are quite less in reality where one can site the example of escambia county clerk of court who are very few in number. As a result most of the time courts have to work without clerk of courts where the judge has to perform this duty alongside his or her own. This is a very understaffed sphere of the legal world.

In some of the courts in United States of America there are courts which do not have a court clerk officially. But they are actually supposed to use the services of a clerk of courts who are supposed to be elected officials. This implies that the position of court clerks is not as good as it is supposed to be. It is a unique job which comes with lesser respect than it is supposed to get.

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