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1 year ago

Thankfully this company didn't do a build for me, but they did for my neighbours. What a nightmare it has been.

Said neighbours hired County Lofts to do their Permitted Development Rights huge loft conversion.

My Party Wall Agreement clearly stipulates that there is no access to my roof for their build.
Clause 3: That the works relating to the construction of the rear dormer cheeks do not fall under the jurisdiction of the wall etc. Act 1996, thus these works fall outside of remit of this Award. Where access to the adjoining owner's property is required to facilitate these works, express consent must first be obtained from the adjoining owner.

I informed County Lofts and several of their workers as well as put up a huge sign in my window (visible from the party wall) "You do not have permission to be on my roof."

Sadly my mother died and I had to attend her funeral in another country. I arrived back to see that County Lofts had been on my roof and that there was rubbish strewn all over it along with foot prints.

Again I informed them about trespassing.

I woke up two days ago to several men on my roof. I asked them to politely leave. I then pleaded with them. I then shouted at them. I then threatened them with the police. The replies I received were;
"Sorry, the boss told me to get on with it. Nothing to do with me. Not moving off."
"Call the police, they ain't gonna do nothing."
"Don't shout at me. I'm not shouting at you." Yet he didn't see anything wrong (like being rude) to continue measuring up with his tape and not getting off my roof.
"You're costing me a days work. Gotta finish up."
"You gonna have to accept that the work has got to be done. I'm not getting off your roof. Boss told me to just carry on."

I eventually spoke with Dan Ryan, the owner of County Lofts who informed me that my neighbour owed him loads of money and that he had to think of his children and Xmas and that he was not going to instruct his men to get off my roof. He also tried to "manipulate" the situation to being in my interests when he said that he needed to weatherproof the party wall because the workers were going off for Xmas and my property would be damaged by water getting in.

He had taken off the coping stones on 6 November and the party wall had been exposed to the elements for most of the much of that time. Suddenly they needed to be weatherproofed.

As I write this, there are several coping stones missing and the party wall is currently being exposed to the wind and the rain with nothing covering them.

My being angry at him blatantly ignoring my wishes and him allowing his workers to continue trespassing resulted in him telling me that I was a very bitter person.

After doing some legal research I informed Mr Ryan that I would be taking him to Small Claims Court for trespass to which he replied, "It's quite a sad affair that you are wanting to make such an issue in so many peoples lives who have young families especially at this time of year. It think it's very sad." "…..and you want to try to affect my business and take food from (my child's) his mouth. How awful."

In conclusion; Mr Ryan does as he pleases when it is in his best interests. He flagrantly flouts the law and treats people with disrespect. He takes absolutely no responsibility for his own actions.

As a professional, you would expect him to do due diligence prior to taking on a job and ensure that he has access to other people's land if he needs it in order to do a job properly.

One would also expect much more professional behaviour from the owner of a company.

Furthermore, his workers observe no health and safety guidelines. They don't wear high visibility jackets at heights, nor do they wear hard hats, nor do they wear safety harnesses. Hoodies and sneakers are apparently okay for working at heights on slippery surfaces.

They also don't ensure that your property is safe as they don't take up the ladder on the ground floor which means that people can climb up onto the scaffolding and access your property as well as the neighbour's property via the roof. (He removed the ladder today after reading my review 23/12/2019).

This is my unhappy experience with County Lofts. The choice as to whether to use them or not is entirely up to you.

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