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11 months ago

I chose this company even though they were more expensive because I trusted them , liked their design for my orangery, and the short build time of four weeks.
I should have paid more attention from the start, because the salesman carried no samples. Consequently I had to travel to their showrooms, under my own initiative, on two occasions, to get details of fixtures and fitting to pass on to the salesman.
After the surveyors鈥?visit I expected to get a start date. After waiting nearly three weeks, I contacted them, and a week later received a message left on my landline, saying it would be in three weeks time. I needed an actual start date, as I had made them aware that their work needed to be coordinated with my plumber. When pressed they informed me it would be 2 March, or we could get in sooner, we鈥檒l let you know!
2 March came around. I had spent weeks preparing; clearing out out-buildings; clearing the garden; and having a new boiler installed. I got up early to be ready for them at 8am. Time passed. No sign of anyone. Then at 8:45am I received a phone call from the surveyor to say they had had a building meeting and issues had been raised, could he come and see me at 3:30pm. At 4pm there was a delegation on my doorstep of the director, surveyor, and Salesman.
The upshot of their issues related to addition costs, which they blamed the salesman. This was embarrassing and unprofessional to do this in front of a customer. Items missed included; the council license for the skip; toilet removal in the shed (which the surveyor had flushed, but the salesman said he was unaware was connected to the sewer); ten metres of sewer pipes; and the services of a quantity surveyor to ok an RSJ. And the cost: An Extra 拢4500 (making it 拢3120 per sq metre) before they started work in possibly a week鈥檚 time. Trying to salvage my project I asked if I paid this money, would it be fixed and no more? The answer came from the surveyor who said unhesitatingly, 鈥淣o We Haven鈥檛 Got X-Ray Eyes, We Might Uncover a Well or Something鈥?br />
The Director from the start gave me a lecture on how they were an ethical company, not like other companies. But this was betrayed by the cheque he had on him ready to return my deposit. Clearly they no longer wanted this job after three months of string me along. They had easier and lower hanging fruit to pick.
I was totally blindsided and distressed by their incompetent and insensitive treatment. You can draw your own conclusions about how this company treats its customers and weather they are either competent or fair.

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