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2 years ago

I ordered 2 cu m of 10 mm GP Topsoil expecting to receive "topsoil" with some aggregate stones. What I really received was a great deal of aggregate with some topsoil!
Having filled the newly created larger bed to the side of my driveway with this mix, I have since watered in an existing Jasmine plant and a new plant. What is now seen is the erosion of topsoil showing the aggregate as the surface medium. This now leaves me the job of, topping up the bed, to pile the "topsoil" higher that it needs to be, so that when the autumn / winter rains have fallen, I will have to shovel up the surface aggregate, hoping that there will be sufficient topsoil beneath. I will then have an anticipated large amount of aggregate that I will have to spread over my raised beds and side gardens. Most unsatisfactory and unnecessary work to do!
I sent an email to them, but alas, there has been no response! This warrants just one star – not replying, in my book, is "rude" together with it being an "unacceptable and unreasonable" experience. I have notified them that I will be writing this review.

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