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Website & Phone: Friedrichstra脽e 148 Berlin 10117 Germany

2 years ago

Great product, customer service is very very hard to reach, when there is an issue. Luckily it rarely happens, but can be super frustrating when it does. Thats why only 4 stars and not 5


2 years ago

Coup is a great service.. i used it for a year, however it's good only when you are on a happy path. As you can see from other review, whenever things go off script, their approach to customer is the worst I experienced ever.

My card has changed and I tried to update it. The app didn't work showing "something went wrong" errors. I wrote their customer support and forgot about the case, because I even didn't get any reply. Next thing I know I get a collection agency letter asking me to pay 鈧?0! which is almost 25x more than invoiced amount 鈧?.

Not sure how it ends, I'll keep you updated. I'm still waiting for customer support to reply… Usually they just don't…


2 years ago

They fined me 50 Euros for their own system problems.

As often happens with my COUP rentals, the scooter lost its GPS connection so I could not finish my ride – the scooter refuses to turn off and could be ridden away by anyone.

I moved the scooter off the street, and as usual when this happens, I called the helpline to get the ride ended.

The company then fined me 50 Euro for parking the bike off the street!


3 years ago

Have completely lost track of customer needs in their race to become the biggest escooter team in Paris/Berlin.
Wrongly charged me 300 euros – I'm still awaiting answer and refund. When I called and asked for an explanation I was told that 'there was just nothing they could do'. My credit card company is now investigating how to fix their mistakes.
I hope they go down quickly. Should't be too long with they way they are going at it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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