Coupa Caf茅

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Website & Phone: Ramona Street 538 Palo Alto 94301 United States

1 year ago

Good coffee and food, but is over price. The service is not consistent as I got different charges the two times I went. The first time they didn't charge me for my pupation, for my dog, but the 2nd time they did. Also, I took my coffee mug and order a small coffee. I was charge for a small but they filled up my mug. The 2nd time they didn't fill up my mug and they told me I had to paid for a bigger cup if I want it fill up. I explain that last time and anywhere I go to coffee shops they fill it up usually or they tell me right away, not wait until I had paid and get disappointed. I was excited for this place to move to Redwood City, but I will have to go back to my usual coffee place, Philz's where they give you a full mug and charge you for a small or Starbucks where you get free puppuchinos.

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