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Website & Phone: 10 Anson Road Sydney 2000 Australia

6 years ago

Haven't found a single person that has reported actually getting paid by them. It's all complaints, and here is mine as well: I made several purchases using Coupay and although they successfully tracked the site visits, they never report any purchases made through their links, so you end up with absolutely no cashback… ever.

They promise high payouts and a $5 signup bonus, but you will never see either. They require $25 in accrued cashback before they will send you a check, but since your purchases never show up, you will never reach that. They keep all the money.

With dozens of cashback programs out there, don't waste your time with this one, regardless of their claimed payout commissions. You'll never see them.


6 years ago

Made a few purchases and the cashback never showed up in my account. Multiple attempts to contact the company have been unsuccessful. As far as I can tell, this is a complete rip off.

UPDATE: After a long string of back and forth emails, I finally received a payout from the company. At each step of the process, I had to email them to specifically request that my cashback be moved to the next stage (pending, approved but not paid, pending payment, etc.). To get my initial response I had to call out the company and the owner (Lucas McEntee) on Twitter. Before doing that, they never responded to a single email. Once it went to twitter, he responded within a couple hours. Interesting.

Also, they only pay out in increments of $25. So if you have $30, they hold onto the extra $5 until you make enough purchases to get to another $25 total. Lame. So, they did finally pay out, but it was still one of the worst experiences I've ever had with an online company.


6 years ago

My favorite cashback site is However, there are some sites that ebates isn't affiliated with, so I tried out I placed 2 big purchases ($1800), and have received the products. However, coupay still has not posted my cashback. Not sure if they ever will. I contacted their support. If I hear back from them, I might update this review.

Follow up (12/9/14):

After multiple unsuccessful attempts at contacting their customer service, I went on their Facebook page and posted my questions there. I got some responses initially that they'd look into it, but nothing happened. Today, I realized my FB posts were removed from their page as well.

This means they are still operating and manning their Facebook page, but of course, not paying out their customers.

There are other cashback sites that are more reputable (e.g. ebates and topcashback).


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