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Website & Phone: 1219 Byrne Hall Hanover 03755

5 years ago

I purchased a voucher for an Electric Boat Company 2 hour ride. The voucher came through invalid. After contacting (Only by email is possible) and receiving an email back from Phillip McDonnell (President of company???) who sent back standardized text of "Adding our support team", a member of support team (Anand) sent back another coupon and promo code which was the same as the original and invalid.I have now diisputed this with my credit company. After many hours of transactions via email with CoupFlip and no response as well as Mail failure to receive incoming emails from their support team email I believe this company is a scam and not worthy of any transactions.


5 years ago

I bought a voucher from coupflip and never received it. At that time, coupflip refunded my money and I saw that the price had gone down drastically–$18 and change for a $99 dollar voucher. So I repurchased for the reduced price. All seemed well until I redeemed it. After receiving the service I was told that Groupon hard already refunded the vouche pricer to the purchaser. So I was out the full amount for something I wouldn't have paid full price for. Coupflip says they refunded the amount I paid them, though I haven't seen even that amount yet. This was after I told them that they should refund thevalue of the original voucher, since that is what iit would take to cover what they sold me. Never again!


6 years ago

This site is not worth checking out. There is always an error when accessing the site. After your purchase (which they charge immediately) you have to practically beg for your voucher. There is no telephone number to speak to anyone, and emails are answered whenever they see fit. Great concept for a site, just is not executed right.


6 years ago

Here's a review for anyone who is considering SELLING on rather than buying.

I listed a coupon offer on June 20, 2014. The original purchase cost $69 and automatically calculates the discount so the coupon was re-offered for about $62. offers you 2 options: 1) they offer to buy the coupon from you outright or 2) you can take your chances and sell via consignment. Coupflip offered me $0.01 for the $69.00 coupon. I decided to sell via consignment. The coupon sold on July 3rd and sent the following: "Deal title on Groupon:160-Hour Online TESOL-Certification Course with Job
Bank and e-Library Access – Your deal has been sold and we will send PayPal payment to you within 25 days of now. You will recieve (sic) confirmation when the PayPal transfer has completed." staff can't spell 'receive' correctly.

On July 16th, I received that PayPal confirmation: "Just thought you'd like to know Coupflip sent you $9.94 USD." You will get only 16 percent of the listed value. Your call whether that's worth your time and effort.

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