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9 months ago

I got full access with this team……..see my bio


1 year ago

I used a different dating site run by Arnaze. And as per the other reviewer, I can confirm its a complete scam. I tried their site and found it to be useless.
I have asked them to delete my profile. They have not agreed to this and there is no automated cancellation request.
This is at variance with their website which says:
"I want to cancel my subscription/membership. What should I do?
Please log on to the relevant site and you will find the option to immediately cancel your membership and card billing under "My Profile > Status".
The same flood of fake messages came through which I would only be able to answer if I resubscribed.
I have spoken to my card provider and blocked my card. They have also confirmed that if I confirm any attempted payment is fraudulent, they will block it for me anyway, and hand the case to their fraud department. So there is no way they will be making money from me.
Dont go anywhere near these people.


1 year ago

Seems to be a scam and this is how it works.
When first signed up with "classic" (free) membership you get lots of enticing emails saying that people have looked at your profile, then liked it, then sent a message – which you can't read until payment has been made. Classic members can't communicate with other classic members, only with "VIP", ie: paying members, and guess what, all your messages will be from classic members, none from VIPs to whom you can reply. Huh? Why are all these classic members sending messages to other classic members when there is no hope of getting a response? This seems a really stupid thing to do. Well it turns out these messages are automated and sent when someone just looks at your profile, it doesn't really mean they are interested at all (or even that they are a real person).
Next you might think about becoming VIP to enable you to read all these potentially exciting messages you have received – but payment is recurring with all the usual risks attendant on that. You can only stop the payments if the service provider agrees, your card company won't lift a finger, and in the Ts&Cs section 4 makes it really hard to stop the payments.
Next thing you might do is send some polite messages to VIP members, very nicely worded, requesting a reply even if they aren't interested. Classic members can receive messages from VIPs and reply to them, so there should be an open channel of communication. You'll be waiting a long time for a response to any of those messages.
So maybe it's time to look at the forums and do some online research which could confirm your growing suspicion that the site is a scam, populated by fake profiles and run by bots sending false messages. No thanks.

Arnaze Online Limited (owner of – you can register with TrustPilot and write a reply to this. Looking forward to reading it.

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