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Website & Phone:
+1 339-222-5147

8 years ago

Beware: this is a scam/spam site. Site claims to offer better than usual coupons to major retailers — e.g. Lowes 20% off instead of the more common 10% off. Site asks for phone and email, promising privacy, but this is completely a lie. They never deliver on the coupon and instead try to get you to sign up up for $9.99/mo premium messaging on your cell and also right away start spamming your e-mail. I tried giving this site a spamcatcher e-mail, and the account started getting 50+ shopping related spams daily instead of its usual 10 spams/day. And then to top it off, this site tried to get me to install a shopping toolbar that — surprise surprise — was hiding a nasty trojan (Win32.agent, a financial info grabbing keystroke logger). Stay far away from this site unless you like inviting trouble.

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