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3 weeks ago

Worst app ever! I'm not a novice to
These type of apps but I never had this many problems. I rarely had issues with saving star and the issues were always resolved promptly. This app has a lot of potential and while I don't find their redemption process seamless it could work, but it doesn't! I follow instructions, I get a confirmation and then it says the item should appear in my redemption history within 15 minutes to three days. That is an absolute LIE! It has never happened that way! It takes weeks to get the item to show up In redemption history and usually only after I have gotten the PayPal deposit. If as I am currently experiencing it has taken almost a month then I have to struggle with the worst customer service ever. All other legitimate apps I use have a fairly straightforward process to open a ticket, not this one! The customer care chat will say it can't help you and direct you to email.
It shouldn't be this hard! Please fix your app!


1 month ago

Apparently I've been paid several times yet have not seen one deposit in my PayPal account.
There is no way to chat or figure out why it's not working. The message said to expect communication via email.
Unless your printing coupons don't waste your time. Mobile rebates on this site are unreliable.
Never even asked to sign in with PayPal. Info is correct. Nothing wrong on PayPal's end either.
Since nobody wants to answer to this issue I have to call it unresolved and more than inconvenient. I don't do this for my health. I carefully plan my shopping trips with little money and this is one of the main ways I've survived.
I've been screwed by a well-known "reputable" company with no means of communicating with anyone regarding my issue.
TRY ANOTHER SITE. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR REBATE FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER, and you'll never know why not will responsibility be taken by Whatever it is, it will be be very loosely -worded and implied that the error is on your end when the ONLY bit of info required is your email address.
Are you SURE that's your email? Well you must've made a mistake. *click end chat session*


2 months ago

If I could leave a "zero", I would. Customer service is unprofessional, patronizinig, and downright rude. I emailed to ask about the status of my money being transferred from SavingStar to and I was told "We are sorry that you haven't been able to fill the form before Nov 30th". Not only did I fill out the form, I also submitted my email, downloaded the app and activated an offer. They insulted me and pretty much stole the money that I had in my SavingStar account. And don't even try to submit a rebate. They will have you resubmit the receipt until you finally quit. I will cheer the day your web site goes out of business.


3 months ago

I used to like this app, now I'm deleting it! It's no longer on my to do list. I used to go on 2x a week and add all coupons. I'm just done I'm not going to add a receipt… Really it's now Ibotta app. I don't add my receipts to that app. They just wrecked a good thing all things turned to crap 2020!


4 months ago

This was the best grocery list app ever. Accessed the internet looking for you item and added it to favorites. Easy to manage. Used the coupons also. They took the app down from the Apple App Store. I complained through their customer support and have not gotten an answer. Which I could buy the app and put it back up. Stupid move


1 year ago

I want to help you learn the language that Mandely app has. And that is my first time making a coupon. Of course I still didn't get it and didn't know what it was at all.


1 year ago

I can't even open the site up anymore never less print coupons. It used to work just fine years ago – I wish I knew what happened.


1 year ago

This company delivers trash items & doesn't back up their warranty. Had a iPhone charger that worked for 2 weeks & died. They said they would send out a new one then never heard from them again. AVOID THIS COMPANY


1 year ago

Today I went to two stores with printed coupons from At Dollar General and at Winn-Dixie, I was told they no longer accept printed coupons.

I'm really upset that I wasted all that time on their website. Who's going to reimburse me for my paper, ink, and time?


1 year ago

Stole money from GameStop gift cards

I was attempting to use a promo code on GameStop from only to realize that I must have left a back door open for someone to steal the money from the gift cards I was using in the order


1 year ago

I liked it better when they had the coupon printer. I never had a problem. I used a cable phone number at my old address and it worked.
This new number is from the same company because I have since moved and got a new number. It will not verify and they don't help at all.


1 year ago

This website is a scam. Everytime I try to collect a rebate, they will send me some email about how the date in incorrect. It's a bunch of bull. I have even sent them screen shots of an item on their app, then a receipt from the same date. Still, they will not give me my rebate! They lie, and have zero costumer service. I'm so mad that I will never be able to collect the few bucks I have in there. What a waste of time. There should be a class action lawsuit against this company.


1 year ago

I've been using this site for a long time and now their going to lock me out? Why? I didn't do nothing wrong.


2 years ago

this used to be awesome now it stinks… the phone verification is good but cmon man lol… if u print just too many coupons.. mind you it allows two prints per number so fraud is outta the question unless u got tons of cell numbers etc.. we got 2 cell numbers so we print 2 from each pc legit.. now they simply ban 1 # for no reason….. no wonder others are also pissed . i wish they would've just stuck with the software registration…. so many innocent numbers get hosed down..


2 years ago

Multiple times I've submitted receipts through their app for redemption. I've always complied with all requirements within the offer time period. Yet any time the mobile coupon value is greater than $1.50 consistently makes up an excuse not to pay. This is negligence, or fraud, probably both. DO NOT do business or expect responsibility from


2 years ago and their customer suppose is terrible. I spent hours trying to get coupons to print. Of course there is not a human being to talk to, you email back and forth, it is ridiculous. Because I tried to print too many times, because I couldn't get it to work, they told me I couldn't use my computer to print from their site anymore. They blocked my computer. I explained to them that I rarely use coupons and I was just trying to get it to work. Their response was sorry, too bad. If I abused printing coupons, I need to see proof of that, because I never did. They don't need to show you anything, you are just done.


2 years ago

I used it for about 6 months, loved printing coupons. Then suddenly it wouldnt accept my phone number for verification. I contacted customer service and they said pre-paid numbers don't work. After telling them I have been using the same number for 6 months they had no answer. It'll work for a few months, then it won't accept my number again. They offer no other verification such as email verification either, ONLY phone number. Obviously this is some problem with their software that it will work then not work. So for the last 3 months I am unable to print ANY coupons whatsoever cause it won't accept my phone number verification and customer service is unable to help me. DUMB.


2 years ago

Until recently I found coupons for products I actually used. In the last several months I have found the selection of product coupons, paper and food products, has decreased. Can rarely find coupons for products I want to purchase on this site. I'm done with


2 years ago managed a rebate offer.
My purchase was on 10/6, offer ended 11/5, processing on 11/30 denied payment because they were too late. I complied with all requirements.

Rebate Details
Pay to: Valued Customer
Amount to pay: $15
Purchase location: SAFEWAY
Address: 1530 Hamilton Ave. San Jose CA 95125
Date Purchased: 10-06-2018
Transaction ID: 5573148301711
Rebate Must be claimed by: 11-05-2018
Offer Details: $15 REBATE via PayPal-SPECIAL OFFER on TWO (2) 20-packs
or larger of Coors Light, Coors Banquet, Miller Lite, Miller Genuine
Draft or Miller64. Expand for details
Terms and Conditions: (minimum beer purchase $15.01, mix or match, any
variety, bottles or cans). Valid in CA. Must be 21 or older. Beer
purchase required. CA Residents: Price of beer must exceed the total
amount of rebate, not including sales tax.You pay sales tax. Rebate
payment will be directly deposited into the PayPal account associated
with shopper?s registered email address within 3-5 business days. If
shoppers do not have a PayPal account, they receive an email with
prompts to set up an account and redeem the rebate. Valid receipt/proof
of purchase must accompany submission. Limit one rebate per purchase.
Cannot be combined with other offers. Employees and officers of
MillerCoors, affiliated companies, licensed retailers, distributors, and
family members residing in the same households as any of the above are
not eligible. MillerCoors reserves the right to require additional
information/identification prior to honoring rebate request and to
reject non-conforming rebate requests without liability of any kind.
This rebate is void if sold, transferred, assigned or copied. Redemption
or handling of this coupon not according to its terms constitutes
fraud. Void where prohibited. CELEBRATE RESPONSIBLY庐漏2018 COORS BREWING
For technical issues please reach out to [email protected]


2 years ago

For some stores, this app honors its cashback/rebates. For me, ShopRite doesn't. Every time (12 times now) I contact customer service, they insist I am not following their requirements (even after I scan the item and it says "MATCH"). I send them an image of my receipt, my card #, a screenshot of THEIR rules and offer, the UPC of the product, ect. Then they send a generic e-mail in response and ignore me. I could've received $58 by now but nope, they give when and if they want. I'll just stick to printing the coupons and not even bothering with their app since they refuse to honor what they claim.


2 years ago

Can't get the stupid phone verification to work, even though it worked before. Contacted customer service and they asked me to use a different verification method, but who has a land line anymore? They should switch to email verification. I get that you're trying to track the amount of coupons being printed by one person, but why not use email like everyone else??? STUPID!!!


2 years ago

I have spent hours researching and implementing all the different fixes to printing coupons. It is horrible and in my opinion, a big farce. Don't waste your time.


2 years ago

Site does have name brand manufacturing coupons but they limit how many you can get. Some coupons are also for certain stores only. Not worth it if you are looking for particular ones for what you want.


2 years ago

Poor user experience, hard to filter, search or locate coupons. Cannot print off tablet as it fails almost 100%. Offer selection has gone down in last year. Waste of time.


2 years ago

Why do you need my phone number to print a coupon? How ridiculous is that. I'll never use this site again.

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