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2 years ago

Great site, helped me save hundreds of dollars over the years.


2 years ago

I love using Couponsmith because I can find promotional codes or discounts to save money for most of my online purchases. Also it will tell you sometimes about sales you didn't know about. I choose this site over all the others. However, there are many promotional codes or coupons that do not work or expired. The site needs someone to delete or remove these items so others don't get discouraged when using the site. I use the site any time I do any type of online shopping. I make no online purchase without looking for a coupon code for it.


2 years ago

Easy and hassle-free ordering with a good variety of Deals. I鈥檝e tried on. 3 occasions to put a Coupon Code in the system its working fine and I save a lot of money.

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