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Website & Phone: 400 Logue Avenue Mountain View 94043 United States

4 years ago

I got a phone call from these people today and the man said I had alot of viruses on my pc. I said I dont have a pc. He asked me why I was wasting his time. Twice! Then he asked me if he could $#*! me and if I was going to give him some pussy. I am sorry to be so graphic but I wanted the people to know exactly what was said. I tried to call back but the number was all 0s. You guys should record these phone calls so this doesn't happen!


7 years ago

I had reviewed this site quite some time ago, but seems it vanished into the mist, for some reason??? Had a bad reputation then, and apparently it hasn't got any better. In fact, it was so bad that they now have changed the company name to "suzycodes"dot com.
What a great business principal, "Screw enough people, change the name"….Sad

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