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9 months ago

Not as good as a bose. Do not waste your money. Didn't not stop any sound. Couldn't tell it was on. The fit was too loose


10 months ago

They told me that they'll replace my defective headset. They asked for my address and ghosted me ! I don't know what they did with my personal data. They're scammers !


1 year ago

Ordered headphones from them and they shipped/delivered to the wrong state! I emailed the company with detailed info about it and the response I got was an email stating 鈥渙k鈥?..literally that was it!! No greeting, no name attached no valediction. Didn鈥檛 even state it was someone from customer service. I then attempted to call the company three times and it didn鈥檛 matter the time of day, nor the day itself, no one ever answered the phone. And no machine to take a message. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! I will get these headphones replaced or my money back, but will never order from them again,


1 year ago

I bought the cowin se7 anc Bluetooth headphones thru amazon & after a month they stopped charging. I sent in email to customer service on Saturday & by Sunday I had a response that included a link & code for a replacement pair of headphones thru amazon! I had apparently bought the headphones thru a 3rd party so they were unable to even confirm my purchase but STILL honored their warranty. I already used the code & my headphones are on their way to me at no cost. I am beyond happy & grateful for their unbelievable customer service! They have a customer for life! In comparison I bought a pair of beats for 3x the price ($400) & they broke just days later & Apple said I鈥檇 have to pay $347 for a replacement pair! I also wasn鈥檛 able to buy the insurance thru Best Buy where I bought them bc Apple doesn鈥檛 allow anyone else to fix their products. And in all honesty the cowin headphones work so much better than the beats ever did & look great!


1 year ago

I purchased their E7 Pro and SE7 Headphone. Absolutely love them. Best for traveling. I travel at least 2-3 times every 3 months, always bring it on my flight. I had an issue with the bluetooth connection. Their customer service name Evelyn is the best. She helped me troubleshoot my headphones and reset the bluetooth. Now I am good to go again.


2 years ago

Headphones Cowin E7 broken and support didn't even anwser after 3 emails. Bought from official website, worse experience ever.

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