Cowtown Pizza

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Website & Phone: 1420 Presidential Drive Columbus 43212 United States

11 years ago

poor service


12 years ago

HARRASED BY EMPLOYEE – If your wanting more than just a pizza, I suggest this place. I ordered a pizza from them waited and waited inside for someone to help me. The employee made eye contact with me and proceeded to tell me I need to stand in the line to wait for a pizza that I called and placed and order for? Hmmmmmmm…um hello?? After being completely humilated I left and the employee followed me to my car, YES followed me to my car and proceeded to try to enter my car and harrass me saying "You don't have time to wait?" I replied "You have time to follow me to my car and humilate me more?, now get your hands off my car!" I called the owner and relayed the story to him and he laughed and hung up the phone. I recommend if you want pizza without the harrassment to go somewhere elese!!!!

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