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1 year ago

Stuck with Cox since nothing else offers high speed in Most of Las Vegas.
Im so sick of the Monopolies governing our choices.
They raise the rates without telling you and they have Data Caps. WTF???
Also the employees are worthless drones.
I guess that is expected when a company treats its customers poorly.
I hope bad things happen to this company.
They are as greedy as The Walton's of Walmart are.
I wish only bad things for them as well.


2 years ago

Once they sign you up, you'll get a good deal which will expire. Then they put big price increases each year without notification. You will have few choices and in addition to the end of the term price increases, they add other increases on a whim. Check your bill often. Look at putting up a digital antenna for local programming and using a streaming service for other cable channels.

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