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Website & Phone: 2915 Ogletown Road Newark 19713 United States
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5 years ago

When I ordered my cat gym I asked if a hammock could be included. I received a prompt yes and was told when the item would ship. On the day it was to be shipped I received another e-mail letting me know the package had left and when I should receive it. The package was shipped and received exactly when they said it would and it arrived in great condition – with the extra hammock! Our two cats love the gym and especially the hammock.

I was VERY pleased with the service! They are friendly, responsive and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. They had a huge selection of cat furniture to choose from.


7 years ago

The worst of the worst. I am still waiting for a refund for an order I placed over a month ago.

I have never dealt with such terrible, passive agressive customer service before. I wish I had read these Yelp reviews before I placed my order. I wanted to place my order through Paypal which did not load so I placed it with my credit card instead, which now I realize is part of their scam (since getting a refund from your credit card company is way harder than getting it from Paypal).

I ordered a cat tree and they sent the wrong item. Not only this, but it was covered in silica gel balls from poor packaging and it looked like it was made by a 3 year old in China. Nothing like the pictures in their website. Had I liked the quality I would have kept it since I hate returning stuff. After cleaning all the mess, I emailed them asking for a refund. I politely explained that I was not happy with the quality and did not want to replace the item for the right one. The tree was very poorly manufactured and stank of glue. After sending a million pictures, Kelly promised a full refund and apologized for the inconveniences, claiming it was their mistake, and told me to wait for them to get some "information".

I waited. Four days. And when I emailed them asking if they already had this information Kelly told me they had sent the right model and couldn't offer a refund. Did it really take them four days to make this up? I explained that I wasn't happy with the quality and her emails just got more passive agressive and ignored my questions.

She refused to give me a return number and claimed I didn't need one. Guess what? If you return it without a return number they charge you a 30% restocking fee and she also wanted me to pay for shipping for returning something I didn't order in the first place! It took me two bloody days to get the return number, and dealing with her boss Petar Petrov is more of the same, except his spelling is even worse than Kelly's. They still plan to charge me a restocking fee, that's it if I ever get a refund which I don't expect to. Half of their reviews here seem fake, and so are the Yahoo ones (they will delete any bad ones, that's the only thing Kelly is fast at).

I hate drama and I would have donated this to a cat rescue, but if it isn't good for my own cats it isn't good for any cat.

I have no idea why she is so mean and passive agressive to customers. The whole thing was very kafkaesque, so that's why I am wasting even more time to warn others against this company. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. I would expect this attitude from somebody who works in a terrible high pressure environment, but she sells "cozy" cat furniture for a living!!! How stressful can that be? Her cats must pee on her bed daily or she might be off her meds, who knows… If she keeps treating customers this way I believe her days of sitting on her big ass typing rude emails are almost over.

* For pictures of the terrible quality of the cat tree, google reviews of "Majestic Pet Products".

** If you want a quality cat scratching post, try "The Ultimate Cat Post" by SmartCat, sold at Petco. My cats LOVE it.

*** If I ever get a refund, I plan to donate the money to a cat rescue. If I don't, I hope Kelly spends the money they owe me in some anger management lessons. She clearly needs them.

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