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11 months ago

Totally crap quality items with terrible return policy. Don't buy here.


1 year ago

Located in China and doesn鈥檛 honor their return policy.
I ordered 3 items. One didn鈥檛 ship with others and wasn鈥檛 made aware of this until I received my order. However all shipping communication included this item. They refunded that item when I requested a refund. Out of the two items I did receive, one had a hole in it and the other was not at all what I expected. When I reached out to begin the return process detailed on their site, they kept putting me off and told me that I would have to ship it to China and that would be costly, so maybe I could give the items away or donate to charity.
At that point, I appealed to my payment processor and was able to get the return resolved through them.


1 year ago

Worst customer service EVER. In order to rerun my clothes, unworn, I was asked to supply photos of myself wearing the clothes. I refused. I was asked to photograph the items in order to proceed. I have never in my life been asked to photograph clothes for a simple return. This was completely insane and I wish I had never ordered from them. Now I am wary of ordering from other unknown retailers online because of the returns process.


1 year ago

This company misrepresents their clothing, calling things jackets when they are made of sweatshirt material and would not keep anyone warm. Their customer service. Is horrendous. They are rude and unhelpful and make you jump through hoops only to then disappear. BEWARE there is a disclaimer on their website that customers have to pay return shipping charges but they DON鈥橳 TELL YOU that the items need to be returned to China which ends up costing more than the original item. Total scam.

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