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9 years ago

My daughter want ugg boots for her birthday and we found this website. No where does it say they come from China. After several weeks we finally got our product from China . Two month later the one boot ripped. Only way to contact them is email. They did sent us a new replacement pair and we sprayed them with the UGG protecter, Find out now the all discolored and stain. Talked to UGG and they beleive these are most likely counterfeit boots. Check reviews before placing an order>>>


10 years ago

This site has no phone contact. Credits charge is to another source. Product which may be counterfeit is sent from China without UGGS box and security stickers. I received the wrong size, style and color. I was told I had to pay the price to ship BACK TO CHINA, send them tracking number by email, THEN they would send correction. After I checked cost of shipping back to China, which was more than the charge for boots, I decided to cut my loss and learn my lesson. If it is to good to be true, it is probably false.

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