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1 year ago

I saw an ad on Facebook for and ordered 7 dresses and 1 shirt. My shipment was missing 4 items. With the 3 items I received, only 1 dress was as described on their website in regard to quality of fabric and size measurements. I contacted the company the same day I received the shipment through email to inform them I only wanted to keep the 1 dress that worked for me. I told them not to ship the missing items for I wanted to ship the other 2 items received and obtain a refund on those and the 4 other items they failed to ship. The next day this company sent me a reply stating they had just shipped out the missing items before reading my return request. The told me I would have to ship everything to them upon receipt but I will have to pay shipping costs based on their return label. This would take another 10-20 days coming from China. I payed for the items through Paypal so I tried to use their assistance but they sided with this company. Long story short, this company sells cheap clothing that is either way to small or extremely too large compare to their size chart. They make it impossible to get shipment errors corrected and obtaining a refund. I lost over $200.00 so never again will I buy anything from China. Beware of those bohemian clothing ads that pop up on social media. It's not worth the risk.

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