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1 year ago

The Website appears to be from the US but it is a decoy it is actually from China. The reviews are fake and the customer service number I had to get from my credit card company is in China and doesn't work either. I ordered two 8×10 feet rugs and received 2 small packages no larger than an 8×10 picture frame. When I opened the packages there were no packing slips and the items inside were a thin piece of material definitely not rugs. I emailed the company and after several days they asked me to send pictures which I did and they responded telling me I could keep the product and they would refund me 30%. I advised them I had no use for the incorrect merchandise they sent and wanted to return it for a refund asking them to send a return label. They advised they don't provide labels but gave me a return address. Upon trying to check the address to find out what the cost would be for me to return the merchandise, it came up as an invalid address so I had no way to return the merchandise. I tried emailing the company again and they never responded. After several emails and weeks later I ended up having to open a dispute with my credit card company. I provided them with pictures of what I received, copies of emails between me and the merchant and a copy of my order. I was advised that per Visa guidelines they couldn't use this evidence in the investigation and that the merchant had responded to the dispute stating that they never disclosed what size the rugs would be, inches, cm, mm, etc, and that I never returned the merchandise and that is why I lost the dispute. How shady, who would buy two rugs in inches for $180? It didn't matter I had no way to return it or receive correspondence back from the merchant and Visa advised me they don't protect their cardholder from scams, so beware and don't purchase from this fraudulent merchant or you too will be out money.


1 year ago

Fake website with fake reviews. No customer service numbers. Got an item that looked like the item I order but wasn't and when you try to get ahold of anyone it takes days to get anyone. They are run out of China which is not disclosed on the site and they are telling me I got the right item even though it doesn't match the description or the picture. I've had such trouble getting ahold of anyone. I will never recommend them to anyone as I'm now out the money I spent for an inferior product.

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