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1 month ago

Same here. Very bad experience.
My payout plan is weekly, but I haven't received my money in two months. Nothing, no support, no response to help tickets, worst possible network. I won't even talk about quick payouts.
They used to be the top, now they should be avoided, don't fall for their tricks, you will be left without your earnings, and you have spent time and effort


4 months ago

last Saturday I withdrew through Fast Pay, I got the message that I will receive the money in 24 hours, but I have not received it yet! I sent an e-mail to the support address and I also wrote a ticket on the site. no answer…


4 months ago

I'm still new in this program and I do what I need to do promoting some available product, I notice that I have so many clicks on my promotion but no leads at all coming, I wrote a letter for there customer service but nobody is answering my query.
All I need to wait for 24 to 48 hours they say but still no answer.
And I don't know if I'm going to pay out or just wasting my time and effort? Lets see.


9 months ago

CPALead is a top-notch CPA Network, and definitely a good way to start with CPA Marketing. They offer everything you need to start your journey and make money fast. In addition with some good CPA Landing pages and methods that you can find here: , you can do 10$ per day very easily!


1 year ago

It was once a pretty good network with solid payouts and probably still is, but I think things are going downhill. Management changes constantly, some things are now not anymore. Most affiliates leaved. I think it's doesn't look good at all, but up to you, it's still CPALead anyway;)


10 years ago

Bad experience. Is safe but annoying tool on sites. Some surveys linked can be bad or dangerous.

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