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7 months ago

I have been diagnosed with Central Apnea since 2003. I must sleep with my cpap every night. I can't go without it. On Tuesday night my machine started turning off and saying my hose was blocked. I had just got a new hose and thought maybe it was defective. I went to the Meridian Idaho office and the therapist consulted with me for about 20 minutes. He couldn't find any problem with my hose but gave me a replacement just in case. Well, it wasn't the hose. Last night it was turning off every two or three minutes. It was like being undiagnosed all over again. Today being Friday I called to see if there was anything I could do before the weekend. The office worked with my sleep doctor and Medicare and got me a new unit by this afternoon!! I am so thankful because i thought I was going to have to sleep all weekend long without a working unit. Cpap Now has always been very good working with me during the last ten years.

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