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4 years ago

I checked with their customer service before ordering as I had a previous bad experience getting goods delivered in Ecuador. They said for $67+ I would get trackable delivery service to my address in Cuenca by USPS. The last trackable comment online was 'departed Quito' on 11th August. After 5 more days I contacted their live help and was told it had cleared customs and would likely be delivered the next day. 2 days later I contacted them again and was told it is being held in customs. I asked for a phone number and name of a person at USPS so that I could arrange for any customs issues to be resolved and their response was they had delivered to Ecuador and handed it to Ecuador postal service and they would provide no further assistance except for a Google map so I can travel to Quito to the customs office (a 10 hour overnight bus trip from Cuenca). I said to the lady that I had things delivered by DHL to Ecuador from iHerb for $8 and the shipment was completely trackable and DHL facilitated the customs process for me. Her response was 'we don't use DHL and we have delivered to you before ok'. The previous delivery was to Australia. This is how they treat a returning customer that has been very diligent in getting information before ordering.

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