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3 weeks ago

I ordered an oxygen concentrator from this store and sent in my prescription. I couple days later after hearing no response I called to check what the status of my order was and they told me that there might be a delay due to it taking longer for them to process the prescriptions. I said okay. Next thing you know I get an email saying they are canceling my order because they have been trying to get a hold of the doctor and have not gotten a response. I was so surprised that they would just email me saying that they canceled my order without communicating with me first that they were trying to get a hold of the doctor and couldn't so that I could try to contact them myself in regards to this. I told them I was upset in the lack of communication and told them I would give the doctor their information to call. Then I receive another email from Jennifer stating that after reviewing my case with their supervisor my order has been canceled since they were unable to fulfil my order. I emailed them asking what was wrong with my prescription what where they missing so that I can get that prior to resubmitting my order and they told me, "鈥婽here is nothing more that we need. As stated, the order has been canceled and we do know there are other companies to shop with.". I got very upset because I felt she was basically telling me sorry we are not willing to work with you go find another company to help you. I didn't want to use another company due to all other companies being back ordered but I guess I'll have to find another. This company is already known for bad reviews and I can tell why. They really need to get new staff who know how to communicate with the public and treat them well or else they will continue to give bad service to their customers.


1 month ago



3 months ago

We order months ago. Payment was added quite quickly to our card. We contacted them 3 tines about why we didnt receive our order and they claimed we didnt verify the purchase. Company appears fraudulent we plan to proceed with credit company without a full quick refund. Customer service is very rude also


7 months ago

Ordered a very needed cpap hose and came way later then I was told!! Will never order from them again.


9 months ago

Great price on a Phillips Dreamstation – $100 cheaper than anywhere else. Received it within a week, t was set up correctly and all accessories came in the same package. Couldn't be happier with the website, customer service and the entire ordering process. I had purchased supplies from them previously with the same experience.


1 year ago

I ordered a F20 mask which failed after 5weeks. Representative said they would honour a warranty replacement only if I paid to ship it back to them and also paid for the shipping to me the turn around being probably 2 weeks without a mask. This amounts to almost what I paid Amazon for the same thing instead of waiting. Plus Amazon delivered the next day..


2 years ago

Ordered a Respironics Gray Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6 ft) on Wednesday. and it arrived on Friday. Shipping was free via USPS Ground Shipping which was supposed to take 5 – 8 days. Also got a $2 discount and wasn't charged for state tax as Amazon does these days! Hose is better quality than the last one from another supplier that only last 6 months before the hose collapsed. This hose is a bit larger and stiffer than my original ResMed Slimline hose so will be slightly bulkier when traveling but this won't be a deal breaker. Great service and a great price from CPAPXchange. Now considering ordering their mask liners which I will review once I have tried them out.


2 years ago

I paid 30.00 to have an item that was over priced to begin with shipped by one business day to me through UPS. Item did not arrive until 6 days later!!!!! Company was offering free shipping that month anyways. I called them and they had someone answering the phones that basically said once the item is shipped it is not their problem. I own a business and I have never or would ever just take people's money and state it is not my problem. They clearly do not care if I am am return customer or not. So, save your money to spend some where else. These people are crooks.


4 years ago

On 3/15/2016, I ordered a deeply discounted "nose pillow" style cpap mask from this site. The price was amazing at $29.89 with shipping included, I was supposed to get a mask 3 different sizes of nose pillows, head harness, and a hose. Then normal price was listed at $49.89. TWO FULL DAYS after I ordered this item I received an email saying my order was cancelled and that not only was this item "not available" but, that they also were discontinuing the product. I was then presented a list of cpap masks as an alternative and all of the masks were more expensive than the "normal" price of the item I had ordered. They did not refund my money at this time or offer any of the masks at the same discount percentage (that is OK), they told me I needed to reply to their offer of a more expensive cpap mask, or let them know if I wanted a refund. At this point I was getting no product but, they chose to hold my money. I then responded via email that I didn't want another one of their products I wanted a refund. I received another email telling me that they had a "woman's" small mask that might fit me (I am a 6'4" man) and that they were going to hold my refund until I got back with them up or until the next day. Tired of playing email games with this company and not sure if I would be strung along once again, I insisted on my refund being given that day as I paid via Paypal and it takes less than a minute to refund a client their money and I filed a claim with Paypal for good measure. ONLY after filing the Paypal case, was I refunded my money. If they were not going to deliver my product they should have given me an instant refund and it would have been my perogative as to how to spend my money. This was a very unpleasant experience for me as I rely on my CPAP mask.

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