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Website & Phone: Centennial Parklands Dining, Grand Drive, Centennial Park 2021
+61 2 9380 9350

5 years ago

After selecting CPD for a special birthday lunch because of the beautiful location and their promise of great food and service, I can only say "very disappointing ".
The Ruben sandwich was impressive looking although lacked in much pickle and the pork belly sliders were 70% bread,a smattering of kim-chi and the pork belly noticeably scarce. When reported to staff a token 10% discount was applied to the one meal. I find this an appalling gesture. Its not about $$…it's about value for $$.
CPD, the 10% doesn't cut it for the missing 50% of my dish and the 90% disinterest in my dissatisfaction when brought to your attention. Too many good restaurants to go to, to put up with this attitude and service level.

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