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4 years ago

Unpaid wages of 3895.00

Hired me to ship parcels that came to my home and reship them to proper recipients. They said the first month is a trial and I would be paid at the end of the month. And then offered full time if I would like. At the end of one month, they quit talking to me. Won't answer the phone, won't return phone calls.


4 years ago

Unpaid Wages

I was hired as a packaging contactor from Capital Bridge for one year. The fist month was a probation period with no pay. an payment after the 30 days. However i have not received my payment as of today. They will not answer my e-mails or phone calls. I stil have some packages left from this company.


4 years ago

Beware of theses scammers!!

I was contacted through e-mail last month by Robert Jaconski. He said that he came upon my resume/profile on a job employment website and would like to offer the job of a package handler for $2,500/month plus $25/package that I send out. He provided "proofs" of the credibility of the company (including the company's DOS number) and the company website. I was able to go to the website, but when I Googled the company name, it didn't exist. That was the first red flag. After all, their website "seemed" legit (I found out later that the website's IP address was created in Russia, but the guy had an accent of either an Indie or Middle Eastern man and not Russian). However, because I was desperate for a job, I went against my gut feeling and signed employment forms and direct deposit forms for my paycheck. I was assigned Christopher Bonner as a direct manager and I would need to contact him whenever I receive packages and he would then e-mail me shipping labels to forward the packages. After sending out, I would need to notify him the info of the outgoing packages.

I then started getting packages soon after under different names. I opened some of them randomly to make sure I wasn't shipping out illegal items or substances. There were even items of very high value such as a $1000-iPhone 7S Plus 256GB and 2 other high-value cell phones. The red flag with the packages came about when my daughter's middle name and last name were used as one of the addressees. This is when I knew these were made up names and not the customers who supposedly ordered the items from another country like I was told. This was supposedly an international logistics company.

Five days into working for them, I discovered that there were prior complaints written against them, and also warnings of possible fake web sites. I confronted my manager, Christopher Bonner, about it and he denied the allegations explaining that It was the work of a disgruntled employee who worked for them for a month and sent out empty packages and still wanted to get paid. He even got very defensive and upset when I tried to ask for my paycheck for the week I have worked as an insurance that I would get paid for the worked I have done so far. He even threatened me with the lawsuit and some security measures. He then reassured me that I would get paid after 2 weeks if I continued to work for them. Then he changed his tone to be friendly. So I continued to do so against my instinct and the red flags so far. After the confrontation, I stopped getting packages and he was no longer answering emails and calls.

I was looking for a more solid proof that this was indeed a scam company and I still had my hopes that I would get paid. However, after a few more days, I got a solid confirmation after receiving a letter from Kohl's under one of the addressee's names informing the so-called person of the fraudulent credit card activities. I called the fraud department and explained to them the whole thing. I found out that the addressee doesn't even exist and the card used was under someone else's name. This was my 11th day on the job. I'm glad I was able to finally find out the truth.

Moreover, their phone number wasn't valid for the first 6 times I called. I finally emailed Christopher Bonner to call me and I told him that the phone number doesn't work. He acted cluelessly and said to try again. So I did, and it mysteriously worked. When he did answer under the phone number under his email signature line, he said he wasn't Christopher Bonner although I just spoke with him minutes before. He said Christopher Bonner is too busy to be on the phone. This guy is a crook!!!

This should be seriously investigated as it is a Federal offense. They use the U.S. postal system to carry out their illegal activities. Shut them down now before they con more unsuspecting victims—both the employee and the credit card holders whose cards are being used for those frauds.


4 years ago

Worked for them, shipped packages outside of the country. When it was time to receive my payment….

When it was time to receive my payment, check was supposed to have been sent but….never arrived. No more answers from them…they won't return my emails neither my phone calls!


4 years ago

Not returning emails, unable to reach by phone after incurring expenses on their behalf

I was contacted by Andy Howe, ([email聽protected]) with regard to the below description:
Hi, Amanda Demmin,
We looked through your resume on "Career Builder" website.
We are thrilled to make an offer for you for the Logistics Supervisor vacancy in our team. By joining Our Company, you will become a part of a fast-paced, team-oriented and (dedicated loyal team of professionals that operate collectively to provide our clients and customers with the exceptional level of services and facilities. In exchange for your services we are willing to provide you with many opportunities to grow, get new knowledge and get to the highest levels of your professional abilities.
Please, consider this summary of terms and conditions for your possible employment with us.
– The first month will be a probation period with the wage of $2500 received after the finish of probation. We will not forward more than 8-12 packages per week to you. You will be eligible for bonuses depending on your performance. We pay $25 bonus per each reshipped parcel.
– After the first probational month your wage will be separated into 2 parts and paid every two weeks ($1250 every 2 weeks). We will raise the number of packages up to 50+ per week ($1250 bonus per week).
Perks and privileges:
– As a full-time worker of the Company, you will be provided a full health and dental coverage.
– Health benefits and other incentives take effect after you successfully pass the probationary month (30 days).
The duties and responsibilities of the position:
– Coordination with senior manager.
– To handle the receiving, quality inspection and shipping of parcels and to send them to clients using our prepaid mail labels;
All you have to do is to confirm your interest by sending us the following information and our HR manager will give you a call:
– 1: Name & Surname
– 2: Phone number.
– 3: Attach your CV.
We are expecting you to join the our Company. There are no doubts that this position will be a great fit for you, will offer you an excellent chance for personal skills and will be a huge challenge for your future self-development.
We believe you share our opinion and fully expect that you will make a significant investment into the great success of the Company.
Thank you for your time!
After complying with their requirements, I was then handed over to Robert S Jaconski ([email聽protected]). He emailed me a number of company documents that detailed their profile, and company information. After this, I was then handed over to Christopher Bonner ([email聽protected]), who was the individual I dealt with. He informed me that I would receive 4 packets from FedEx that contained underwear labelled by Victoria Secret and I was to forward them on to the pre-paid shipping label that he emailed me. I did not feel comfortable doing this and informed him that after these packages, I no longer wanted to be involved. He replied that would be fine. I then sent him receipts of expenses that I had incurred in sending these packages. He replied that I would be reimbursed. I sent a further 4 emails to all of the above individuals advising them that I had not heard from them and had not been reimbursed. I never heard back from them and the phone number provided is not valid, as there is never an answer.


4 years ago

Scam shipping company

This is from the email they sent to me

– The first month will be a probation period with the wage of $2500 transferred after the finish of trial. We will not send more than 8-12 parcels per week to you. You will be able to receive bonuses depending on your activity. We pay $25 bonus per every forwarded parcel.
– After the first probational month your salary will be divided into 2 parts and transferred every two weeks ($1250 every 2 weeks). We will increase the amount of packages up to 50+ per week ($1250 bonus per week).

About the work process, step by step:
1. You will receive an email notification about upcoming parcels with tracking numbers and names to your email. Please always reply to each email from your manager.
2. You will receive parcels containing merchandise from a vendor or from a customer at your residence.
3. You will need to send an email with the detailed report to your manager to confirm that the package was received. This is very important. The prepaid shipping label cannot be sent to you without the "package report".
4. After that you will receive a prepaid shipping label and detailed shipping instructions for each parcel from your manager via email.
5. You will print out and use the label to re-ship the parcel. You need to remove all old labels and stickers from the outside of the box and stick a new label to it. Only then you can take the package to the post office.
6. You will need to send an email with confirmation that you re-shipped the parcel along with the detailed report to your manager.
7. After one month from the first shipment you made, you will receive payment of $2500.00 + $25.00 per each shipment you made during that period. Your manager will let you know an exact sum. You can choose to be paid by company paycheck, direct deposit, bank transfer or by PayPal deposit. If you will be continuing as a Product Forwarding Contractor with us, you will be paid monthly on the day when you shipped your first package.

Please let me know if you would like to continue.

They assigned me with another manager to receive and report the packages that I receive. I have worked for them since two weeks ago and sent out few packages by their shipping labels. However, I am still skeptical about this business and their legal work.

I wonder if they are buying stuffs from stolen credit card and deliver to my house; after that I am a person who is used by them to indirectly forward the packages by their shipping label. It is really hard to keep track the names on the packages because they are changed on every labels. Therefore, I really need help from somebody who actually know about this type of business or work with this company before.

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