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1 year ago

I an in dispute with CPW and ID mobile. Initially I was mis- sold a phone and neither company would take ownership of the problem. Two years later I have tried to close the account and it has been so difficult that they have put markers on my credit rating for non payment. I currently have a SAR in with ID Mobile and this is now being passed between ID Mobile and CWP.

NEVER use carphone warehouse if you want them to be accountable for their actions. They sell well but nothing else.


1 year ago

Your reply to my review as below. I have already written a letter to Carphone Warehouse and emailed you with all those details and not prepared to do that again. I have received the cheque but I was without a phone for 6 weeks and out of pocket by about 拢50 due to phone calls,parking fees for when I went into store.
I have not received any response from Carphone Warehouse on the matter.

Reply from Carphone Warehouse

A day ago

Hi Ms Watson,

Please could you email the team at and confirm your full name, address, postcode, mobile number and confirm the email address on the account, along with a copy of the review, so we can investigate this fully?

Thank you,



1 year ago

Their repair services are very bad as all their other customer services. Gave my phone for repair at Brent Cross Shopping Center, but they sent my handset 5 days later. On top of that, the repair department still claims my phone is in transit, which is another 5 days delay and they don't know where is my phone. I asked them if they using pigeons to send the handset from the store to the repair centre as it takes so long and they can't even track where my phone is. I guess if I send my phone abroad for repair, will be quicker. It is just insane what kind of services they provide to customers. I asked the regional manager to call me back over that issue, but 10 days no word.

Carphone Waterhouse is incompetent, unhelpful and irresponsible.


2 years ago


To whom it may concern.

Unfortunately I am having to officially complain once again, about a week ago I contacted CPW customer service to discuss pricing on the purchase of a new IPhone X 64gb in grey, customer service transfered me to retentions team to a man called Mukhtar who provided me with a deal I accepted. The deal was on a Iphone X on O2 network with 拢220 upfront fees and 拢38 a month inclusive of vat over 24 months giving me 30GB and Unlimited calls n texts, Mukhtar advised me due to the computer being slow the credit check on my name will take abit longer so I was promised a call back which I can defiantly say never happened.
I had to Ring back the next day to get clarity on matters , I spoke to Lelewelyn from customer service who advised me that an error occurred where Mukhtar has priced the deal incorrectly therefor CPW are unable to honour such verbal agreement made over the phone, I was upset hearing this and confused as to why a gentleman in your retentions team has made such an error.
I proceeded to request from Lelewelyn in Customer Service a Manager with whom I could express my upset to matters and confusion with order. A Manager from retentions called Sufyan Patel came on the phone and I began explaining the situation and requested a full complaint to matters, Sufyan advised me he will listen to the recording n revert bk to me straight after, he did Contact me bk however he never listened to recordings as discussed and has not got back to me in regards to my request of a complaint being lodged.

I would appreciate if you could listen to recordings and honour agreement made also my deep upset in Manager Sufyan who I feel has not professionally done the due dilligence to structure an official complaint.
I would also like to highlight the importance of your Staff being correctly trained so that these mishaps don't occur.
I am still without a deal and confused on my Order made.
Terrible disgusting customer service on the phone coupled with promotional products being offered then taken away dominate.
P. S I think this one is one for the financial Conduct Authority to look into…
To be Continued…


2 years ago

Thanks for the data breach. Appreciate it.


2 years ago

I was due an upgrade on my mobile phone so, as i had dealt with Car phone Warehouse in the past and had no problems, I thought I'd deal with them again. I was staying in Portsmouth so used the Portsmouth branch. The young guy dealing with me was efficient and curtious and polite. It was when things were handed over to the guys who do the changeover from one mobile to another. I asked for everything to be changed over and knew I was going to be charged 拢9.99 for this. I was told they needed half to three quarters of an hour to do so. On returning about an hour later the data had not been done completely. (They blamed the fact that the signal wasn't very good in the shop). I paid the bill and, on returning home to Chichester, I went into the Chichester store and, after checking that I'd paid for the service, which wasn't on the system, very kindly completed things for me. Yes, I paid for the service in Portsmouth but it was never logged on their system!!


3 years ago

Recently upgraded on the 1st of July. Deal was 15gb for the price of 5gb. Never recieved the 15gb. After a few calls to customer service I was told I had to provide proof of the deal. Despite them still offering deals on the website. Thought they were pretty poor at dealing with my query. The comformation e-mail just says 5gb promo. Buyers beware check your getting the deal on offer.


3 years ago

Ordered new Samsung galaxy s8 online. Website clearly states delivery on 28th April. The confirmation stated expected delivery 28th April. 2 days after placing the order I get an impersonal email. Dear Customer due to technical issues your order will be delayed by 24 hours. I emailed to cancel the order which has been done but the worst thing is their website still stated delivery on 28th April. I wonder how many other people they conned into ordering whilst knowing they could not meet their fulfilment. Also siting technical issues is an extremely poor customer email.


5 years ago

This again is for Jade who promised me that she would investigate this matter.Still no response from her and Still No Refund!


5 years ago

This is to Jade who wanted more details about my initial comment on this branch.
I am a working mum and do not have a lot of spare time to waste.I need my phone for work and not a tech person.
One of my issues is the length of time one need to wait to be seen. It can be easily one hour.They never seems to have enough staff for the customers.
When I initially purchased the my upgrade I had a very good experience with the young girl who served me -Esthar was her name- I think- She was really knowledgable and helpful showing me how to set up the phone etc.- a real asset to your company.Only thing I wished was that she could have offered help to decide on the correct phone.BUT I waited over an hour to be seen and I was fed up waiting by the time I was seen.
My phone developed problems 3 weeks after purchase. Phone wasn't holding its charge, becoming very hot and not loading emails.I went back to the store and was served by another young lady-no name badge so don't know the name. She was not interested when I tried to explain the problems with the phone. She didn't want to even touch the phone. There was no attempt to help.saying that I need to go to a branch with GEEK squad. I even had to ask her for the nearest branch before she volunteered this information.Her verbal and non verbal language was of someone who would do the bare minimum.
Next day I made time to go to the nearest branch-Bromley Mall-who changed my phone and couldn't understand why I was sent to them as 28 days has not lapsed since my initial purchase. They change my phone and very kindly transferred my data over also,
My phone still wasn't working so I anxiously went back to the Nugent branch. If I was served by the same young lady I would have to chosen to wait for some one else to be free.Luckily I was served by a young man [?sie] who was really enthusiastic and happy to pass on his knowledge more than willing to help.
I don't feel that I should have to feel anxious or stressed about returning to your stores just incase I get served by an unsympathetic staff member.Its a shame that the over all score has been reduced by poor hiring and training of staff and long waiting times. It only takes one person to let the side down!
I wasted so much time trying to get a workable phone and its difficult for me to imagine using them again when I come for the next upgrade,
Mrs Champika George


8 years ago

We're not reviewing about the phone (as that was fine) but as for the aftersales service of carphone warehouse, it wasn't very professional or helpful. We signed a contract when we purchased the phone, so that we would pay insurance every month for the free Tv we received with the phone but the Tv went wrong. It was taken away to be mended or replaced but so far we have not received it back. We feel like car phone warehouse are not being helpful in getting the TV back, especially when we heard that our TV had been sent back to carphone warehouse but carphone warehouse don't seem to know anything about it. THEY ARE KEEN TO HAVE YOUR MONEY BUT NOT VERY KEEN TO HELP.

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