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3 years ago

I own 4 pairs of CR7 jeans and I love them. They are great quality jeans, they are shipped super fast, reasonably priced and website ordering is simple.
I purchased my 5th pair in mid January 2018 which arrived with the right side inside pocket folded over and sewn into the pocket thus making it useless.

Since January 29, 2018, I have sent 6 emails (with pictures) back and forth to CR7 customer service regarding the poorly manufactured jeans I received. Each email I've sent has been responded to quickly, but as of February 15th, the problem has not been rectified. I would have been happy with a simple exchange, but to date, it has not been offered.

The CR& jeans are quality, it is truly unfortunate that CR7 customer service isn't. This exchange/ return should have been squared away in 5 to 7 business days, not 4 weeks.


3 years ago

Great quality jeans and fast delivery.

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