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1 year ago

I'm deducting a bit from my rating from last year, mainly because I made the mistake of paying $35 a pop (x5 the regular rate) for the Harmon's VIP pass. While there were some benefits like a buffet, the food was only so-so and a bit sparse for the price.

Also, the new venue (the Utah State Fairgrounds) only somewhat improves on the main problem the Gallivan Center had (too much sun, heat). Only one of the venue locations had appropriate level of cool air. I think they were complacent by not having enough water/cooling stations, but it was EXTREMELY HOT inside the buildings.


1 year ago

Fun, local event with artists from Utah.

This was the first year at the Utah State Fairgrounds, so everything was very spread apart. There were three buildings with artists, and one with STEM activities (which would be great if you bring children with you!)
Most of the artists were super friendly and excited to share with you information about their art without you even having to ask. There were also some booths set up where the artists had numerous friends at their booth, or they way they were set up facing the crowd, did not seem as friendly as some of the other artist's booths. Pretty big variety of artists, including jewelry, textiles, drawings, etc…
It really seemed that almost every other stand had embroidery hoops for sale!

There was a large children's area, and plenty of different food trucks and stands around the different buildings if you end up spending several hours there and need some refreshments. I also enjoyed some of the live music that was offered at the different stages throughout the venue.

They do charge an entrance fee, which is cheaper if you purchase your tickets online beforehand. If not, the regular fee this year was $7. Regardless, not too expensive to pay for the venue to see all of these wonderful local artists in one space. The event was not too crowded so you could see most of the tables pretty easily. There was even a screenprinting company offering free tote bags with quails on them!

Next year, I would love to sign up for some of the artist-led classes that are offered, which are different for every day of the festival.


2 years ago

Super fun event with local artists from Utah, many cool things to see! There were booths scattered all over.

I need to do a better job at finding these awesome events.

Can't wait to attend next year too!


2 years ago

Went to Craft Lake City today with Mom and baby! Enjoyed the Happy Camper Deli food truck for lunch (So good, by the way)! I suggest bringing a bottle of water and refilling it since drinks were 2.00 at the event. There were so many great vendors! It was a great way to get out and find some new local small businesses to support! The bands were fun to listen to while walking around. I highly recommend attending no matter what type of things you enjoy! There was such a vast selection here I am confident that you'll find something you will love!


3 years ago

Coolest local market you could ever attend! It is so inspiring to learn how small this local market started out and then to learn how big it has become.

My favorite part about this market is that it's all and only local vendors. It's an awesome place to volunteer at to get to know people in the salt lake handmade community.

They have fun workshops during the annual DIY craft lake city festival which you can sign up for, most are put on vendors or the organizers of the whole event. Another cool thing is in addition to workshops during the three day weekend, they also have things going on through out the year which is really cool, fun, and community oriented.


5 years ago

Craft Lake is an awesome exhibition of local talent in Salt Lake City. The people are enthusiastic about their craft and I found many great shops I would have never known about. I wish the event layout was a little bit clearer, but all and all it was an awesome day.


5 years ago

Craft Lake City was rad! It was my first time going but not my last. I found a lot of cool local artists and enjoyed all the booths. The live music was great and it's awesome getting to talk to the artists. They also have a food truck round-up so go hungry!


6 years ago

I would recommend Craft Lake City to anyone who enjoys the flea market side of a city. This is a fun arts & crafts fair where you and your family can go to relax for a day.

I went because a friend's wife was doing a ballet performance and had come all the way to SLC from Spain so I wanted to support them…and introduce my daughter to ballet.

There were other dance performances as well, and live music to boot. Some of the radio stations were there handing things out and playing their music as well.

You can walk around to each of the booths to see some of the various artists and their homemade crafts, jewelry and artwork. It's the best way to meet a few of the local artists and see what they do.


8 years ago

So much fun. One of the best things I've done in Salt Lake. Very inspiring and great energy.


8 years ago

2012 was my first year attending Craft Lake City and I can say I was NOT disappointed! My husband and two girls showed up around 3 and it was not too bumping yet so it was easy to look around at everything before it got crowded. It was very HOT so I would recommend wearing a hat and a tank top or waiting until later in the evening to show up. There were all sorts of cool DIY crafts and such. I bought some yummy smelling hand made soaps and got a ton of good ideas for stuff to make with my girls. I felt like an ass taking pictures of all the cool stuff but I did it any way and no one said anything or acted annoyed. The beer garden set this craft show apart from the more common LDS craft shows around. We ate dinner off a gourmet food truck offering grilled cheese sandwiches' they were super yummy. Throughout the day there was tons of free entertainment such as live music and different dance groups. It was free to get in so you really have no reason not to go next year; I know I will be back.


9 years ago

The place to go to check out DIY stuff! Every year im blown away by how much the event grows as well as the musical talent they sign up! Cant wait for this years event!

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