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1 month ago

They claim to be ecofriendly even tho they wrap their brushes up to 3 times in plastic. I guess they received complaints because they took their ecofriendliness out of their Instagram bio. A few of my brushes fell apart within not even 5 minutes of using them. A 1鈧?brush for elementary school children had better quality than the ones that fell apart. So much for their quality checks. They don't reply to complaints unless you take it to social media. I had to make Instagram stories of their products to receive a reaction. I read from another person that her complaint ticket got closed without receiving any help so I feared that I will meet the same fate if I didn't post the story. Their ambassadors are basically their customer service since the actual customer service doesn't reply. They only accept 5 Star ratings on their own site and push their ambassadors to comment under posts of people who had negative experiences how great the products are. If they put as much effort in their service as they put in their marketing they would only get 5 star ratings. When the brushes work, they are fine. For my taste they absorb a bit too much water and don't give back the full amount of pigments. They stay in shape for a long time. The paint on the brushes wood chips quickly. I wrapped washi tape around it because it was uncomfortable. I wouldn't buy again because of my negative experience tho. They could be a good company if they put in the effort.

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