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1 year ago

If you're trying to order from Craftcoffee internationally, don't bother. I ordered my beans on 15-May-2019, the latest shipping update is from the 27th and I have yet to receive my beans. What's the point of getting "fresh roasted beans" if they arrive over a month after they're ordered? I obviously cancelled my subscription right away.


5 years ago

My daughter bought me a 3 month subscription as a birthday gift. $75 or $25 a month. Unfortunately their website is totally useless. It does not let you see the entire range of coffees they offer…. instead it tries to guide you based on a list of coffee shops or brands, none of which is in my area so i had no idea what was what. I ended up getting a sampler of three coffees – two of which were not great one was OK – because I really had nothing to compare to. They all have cute names Ruckus, Throwback, Wanderer which give no clue to what to compare to. I am not a coffee snob, rarely go to a coffee shop. But it was fun trying them out. It's not a bad idea letting someone sample different coffees but but the useless website makes me wonder about the designers – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Their support people are helpful and apologize for the website but come on, someone there approved this idiocy and should be ground into dust. Also ground coffee that is shipped ups ground (or via the postal service) ain't fresh…

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