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1 year ago

This airport does not have a connecting flight route you have to go through the passport check as if you enter germany and if you don't hold eu passport you screwed i travelled through there and will never again nearly missed my flight. International airport needs to have a functional connecting flights route not have bunch of confused and panicked passengers at the passport checks who just want to get on to the next flight.


1 year ago

Security checks had only 2 lanes opened and the crowd of passengers was piling up so the waiting time was about 40 minutes. Staff doesn鈥檛 talk apparently so nobody knew what was happening.
Then you go to your gate and no shops but a vending machine that takes you 鈧?notes but doesn鈥檛 give the change.
Basically it鈥檚 an airport understaffed and very unpleasant


1 year ago

Travelled from Dusseldorf to Birmingham. Dreadfully slow, inefficient check-in, followed by the longest delays I have ever experienced going through security checks. Staff were unhelpful, bureaucratic and determined to make life difficult. Dozens of passengers were in danger of missing flights

My worst airport experience ever.


2 years ago

Racist Abuse By Security @ Dusseldorf Airport

Having spent an enjoyable weekend in Koln I went to Dusseldorf Airport to fly home to London on BA. At about 11.30 am I passed through the Security for Gate B35. All was normal, watch, boots, coat, fleece, hat, laptop outside, etc., all had to go in trays – until an aggressive security guy told me in German (which I do not speak) that I had put my walking boots in the wrong tray..I thought I'd misheard him and asked him tell me where they needed to go in English please. He then said – in a sarcastic tone "I can see you are English by your face" – I thought that that was an unnecessary and racist remark. I then had to go through the X-ray machine, I did not like that because I have prostate cancer and radiation is not good for me. After that I then asked for a supervisor to complain about the racist remark. But then another security guy turned up and demanded that he body search me. During this he demanded that my jeans belt be undone and my flies be opened, so that then my jeans fell down exposing my underpants. He then fully and extensively body-patted me included fondling my genitals. I deemed this to be sexual assault. In fact he did this 3 times. I had made a complaint about a member of staff and they were giving me the works – b######s. Meanwhile the police were called – but they stood around doing nothing. I complained again about the racist remark. Suddenly no-one could speak English. One police-women took my passport away, and asked if I wanted to make a report. I said yes, and I was allowed to write a few words in her diary!!? During all of this the racist guy kept my laptop – I thought he was going to damage it or refuse to give it back. He then swabbed it but that came back negative. When I had to ask him for it back I said was he going to apologise for his racist remark to me. He said no and that he was a racist. I was then allowed to leave. This incident has upset me a lot – I thought Germans were not racist. They are. And it is disgraceful and unprofessional that a member of the Airport Security should be racist towards English airline passengers, and to admit this in front of his colleagues and the Airport Police (who did nothing).


3 years ago

D眉sseldorf Airport is a good Airport. My flying experience with them has been largely positive, although it depends on your luck with airlines the most.

It's easy to access if you're coming by train, where you will most likely pass by the main station of D眉sseldorf. The connection is reliable most of the time.
There is plenty of space to walk around at the station and it's pretty clear where you have to go and how the Airport works, even for first timers. Waiting times can be a bit too long and once you're past the gates it gets a lot more limiting as to what you're allowed to do. There is of course free wifi, which makes the gate area bearable though 🙂

Parking is not a problem, as you can park your car directly at the airport or a fair space away. If you're lucky and you're not flying away for too long, you can leave your car around one of the streets 10-15 minutes of walking distance away. I know I am too cheap to pay for parking for three days about half as much as my flight tickets.
Nevertheless I recommend coming two hours too early at least, just to make sure I'm not gonna miss the flight.

Make sure you come early and prepared and it'll all go well.

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