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Website & Phone: 3210 Wilson St Wilmington 19808 United States

7 months ago

We had a HUGE honey locust and HUGE spruce tree removed and when I say the BEST crew I have ever seen, I honestly mean the VERY BEST!!!! 4 men took these trees out like they were nothing!!! The trees were very close to our house and not a single branch even came close to hitting the house!!! They were not on time, they were early!!! They worked NONSTOP from start to finish. The owner, Dan, was right in the trenches with the guys and worked right along side of his crew. This was the best crew that I have ever personally witnessed with regards to physical labor jobs. Thank goodness for Dan and his men because there is no way I could have done it. Oh, I should also mention. Dan was more than $3,000 UNDER the closest quote for this job!!!!! To Dan and his crew, THANK YOU for an AMAZING job!!! Aside from vacuuming the yard, you can't even tell they were here….except for the missing trees!!! 🙂


(FYI….we did not request stump grinding)

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