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1 year ago

I recently contacted Mr Cotton Wall about video sponsorship and he replied with a one-word 'No' response.

I upbraided him for his rudeness and I have to admit that I called him an 'A**hole.' His further mail to me rather bears out some very nasty and abusive personality characteristics.

'If your work were even mediocre I may have shown an interest with cinematography and production in mind, alas, it鈥檚 unwatchable and incredibly amateur – much like your apparent personality. Unfortunately, I do not have an interest in your project nor the reasons for wanting to showcase Freetown Christainia. These are insignificant aspects of the world right now with the environmental crisis we are currently going through. Come back to me when you are publicising something important and meaningful, and able to do so with decent visuals and production.'

My further e mail to Mr Cotton, was an analysis of the technical defects of the few photographs on his very poorly-designed and slow website. I did not criticise him personally but used my 30+ years experience of photography and videography to tell him what was wrong with his work and why he wasn't in a position to make any criticism of anything anybody else had done. I don't consider myself a professional at all. The problem professionally with Mr Cotton is that he has stopped learning new things at a very young age.

Mr Cotton was referring in his very denigrating reply to a television programme I made about the community of Christiania in Denmark. Mr Cotton could not possibly have watched the link I sent him because it is nearly an hour long and his reply to me came within minutes of my mailing him for the first time. The people and community in the film are the original proponents of environmental issues, dating back some fifty years now. More proof that Mr Cotton didn't watch the film but simply wanted to be obnoxious for the sake of it.

Mr Cotton clearly didn't like this and he persisted with a sustained and personal attack on me, clearly thinking that the opinion of one person would matter to me. What did matter to me and what Mr Cotton seems to be oblivious of, is his enormous ego and arrogance, which as I explained is quite dis-proportionate to his ability.

He may be a keen photographer, but there is a lot wrong with the photographs he makes. His response was to continue with the personal invective and a diagnosis, which actually shows his contempt and ignorance about people who might actually have psychological problems.

Mr Cotton's readiness to confer a pseudo-psychological diagnosis on me is a sign that he thinks that matters psychological exist to make casual insults out of. I was disgusted yet again by his ignorance and his contemptuous attitude by using a psychological analysis, however amateur and cliched, as an insult.

Mr Cotton's foray into amateur psychology demonstrates yet again his lack of respect for other people. Making a cheap and debasing insult out of such things is not acceptable these days.

'I honestly can鈥檛 believe how hard this has hit you. You truly are an angry individual and I鈥檓 sorry for whatever bullying or losses you must have received when you were young. I鈥檓 sure it wasn鈥檛 your fault, but you鈥檙e stronger than stooping to that level. It鈥檚 ok to take a loss once in a while. Please just enjoy the remainder of your night with a peaceful demeanour and rest easy in your pitiful loneliness. One day you鈥檒l have friends that will support you, I promise.'

Mr Wall then went on to spam at least four of my Youtube links with this message.

'I am a freelance, one man, small business photographer from the uk who was cold poached via my website to be asked to sponsor and fund this 鈥榩roject鈥? After declining x, who I assume is the production manager? (he didn鈥檛 actually even introduce himself in his mass pasted email), he abruptly called me an 鈥榓**hole鈥?and threw a hissy fit.
With an attitude like this, I would advise anyone he approaches to strongly think twice if you were considering aiding this sub-par attitude.'

My opinion is that Mr Cotton is in fact really an 'a**hole' for sending curt and abrupt one word replies by e mail and is somebody who needs to try and control his enormous ego.

He is typical of the kind of operator who might be nice to paying clients but unpleasant to anybody else whom he might feel he can get away with showing his contempt to.

My experience of such operators is that as soon they feel that they are doing too much work or it is necessary to criticise them, then the contempt and arrogance is demonstrated.

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